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Amelia, Wage slavery and Frederick Douglass

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Amelia, a worker in mid 19th century Lowell, Massachusetts, claimed that factory workers were caught in a system of “wage slavery.” How did she justify this claim?

Using what you know of factory work in mid 19th century, explain how such paid work might compare to slavery as described by Frederick Douglass in his Narrative. 

(Remember to frame this discussion in the changing context/s of the time period.)

Please only use these sources materials that I provided website links in the citations and make correct citations.


Case Study for Young Patient With Asthma

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** I have alrready done 700 words…please follow up it..
And please write in Austalian style writing!!

Case Study 1 – Jessica White 
One of Jessica’s cousins is a second year student nurse. He tells you he doesn’t understand the pathophysiology of asthma and how it affects the respiratory system. Jessica’s mother asks you to explain to him the pathophysiology of asthma and how it affects the respiratory system using the correct medical and nursing terminology.

Detailed explanation of the pathophysiology /pathogenesis of the illness/disease of the patient in the scenario (40%-600)
Outstanding understanding of the A&P and pathophysiology presented in the case demonstrated by accurate, highly relevant information provided with clear, succinct explanation of illness/disease pathogenesis.

The explanation of two (2) signs and symptoms that the patient has presented with and why they manifested as part of the illness/disease (30%-450)
Accurate, highly relevant explanation of signs/ symptoms with a very clear, succinct understanding of signs/symptoms demonstrated by the case study patient.

Critical thinking and rationale (20%-300)
Clarity of thought and linking of ideas clearly demonstrated. Detailed, concise description of the pathophysiology and the signs and symptoms therefore seen in the case world patient. Links A&P, pathophysiology, context, and theory together

Writing style (10%-150)
The essay flows well, it is easy to read and follow the sequence of ideas. Introduction, body of essay, conclusion, and referencing is all correctly formatted.
No spelling or grammatical errors throughout essay


DQ 1-4

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JetBlue Airways is a company which has embraced the OD theory and allowed OD’s vision of emotional intelligence, value proposition, positive reinforcement, and change through improvement and culture to drive much of its results over the past years. The airline industry is one in which external influences have had an unbelievable impact on the bottom line of all of the companies that fly. Thus, it may defy imagination at first that in an industry of barely controlled daily chaos, Jet Blue has found a way to make OD work to control that chaos. Interestingly, in 2010, JetBlue was one of only three domestic airlines to turn a profit, and their CEO, David Barger, is the lowest-paid CEO among the 10 largest publicly traded U.S. airlines in 2010. (Potkewitz) Doing research online, use a Google™, Bing™, or other search-engine-style search, and find case analyses or articles discussing JetBlue’s OD approach. Start the week by reviewing this article, “An Extraordinary Stumble At JetBlue,” found at https://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/07_10/b4024004.htm. After the crisis, CEO Neeleman was terminated and Barger was put in his place. The company has grown since Barger’s implementation. Their focus on organizational development, and company values and culture, continues to this day, which is why it is not a surprise to see that JetBlue Airways was one of the main case studies presented at the 2011 Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Toronto, where Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience presented on their inside-out approach to motivating employees by creating a customer-service-centric business model. Attached is : Jet Blue An Extraordinary Stumble

We’ll begin with these questions:

1. How does a company with an OD approach differ from one without that approach? 
2. Which company would you prefer to work for – one with an OD approach or one without? 
3. Do OD companies offer a higher value proposition to their customers than non-OD companies? And if so, why don’t all companies take this approach?

Class, you will be the “change agents” for this change. Your professor will be the CEO, issuing dictates, orders, suggestions, support, ideas, and thoughts. However, you, as class members, will need to take each new piece of information and determine how it will fit into your plans for change, as change agents. Keep an eye on the new information as well as how your colleagues are addressing it. Innovation, creativity, and level headedness is key to making this week’s solution succeed. Good luck! 

Here’s the change: BubbleBath Inc. is a privately owned company with approximately 2,000 employees whose make up is primarily line workers. Management makes up about 20% of the company, with the remaining 1,600 people working to produce the line of bathtubs, hot tubs/spas, and designer fixtures for which the company has become famous. The company started 10 years ago working out of the initial founder’s garage, and quickly increased in size when Jacuzzis became a standard fixture in many middle-class remodels and new constructions. Due to excellent marketing strategies, BubbleBath Inc. has not experienced a downturn in sales despite the recent economic downturn in construction. Instead, they have parlayed the middle-class flight from tourism to encourage the “staycation” and the upgrade of the home as the new spa of the 21st Century. Profits last year were up 15% and everyone is feeling cautiously optimistic. Nevertheless, the CEO is concerned with market analysis reports that despite the staycation mentality, growth over the next two years is predicted to be stagnant to declining. Last week, as per the original exit strategy of the founding investors, the company will be restructured into a limited partnership of three people from an incorporation model of 15 shareholders. 12 of the shareholders will be paid a return of 8% on their investment, and the remaining 3 shareholders will form a limited partnership. As a result, the CEO has received word from the new partners that they want to change the operations model as follows, effective in three months: 
A. Discontinue the line of designer fixtures and focus solely on hot tubs and bathtubs. (This will mean eliminating two lines of 30 employees each.) 
B. Move the entire operation from the city of Atlanta, GA to a town 25 miles south of Atlanta called McDonough, where all 3 of the partners reside. No relocation packages will be offered, but those employees who choose to “retire” at the time of the move will receive a 4 weeks’ severance package. A new building which was originally intended to be a “HottubsRUs” factory is sitting vacant and the partners bought it for a steal. They already have a buyer for the old factory in Atlanta. 
C. For the first time, include a sales office right in the new production building where a showcase with sales staff will be located. Along with supplying retail stores, the company will now also sell directly, both in the office and online. Initially, 5 sales people and one sales manager will be hired. Attached is Kotter Interview
4. Your CEO has asked you, the managers, to come up with a change plan using Kotter’s 8-step model. What are the first things that you will do in order to create a plan for change which will maximize efficiencies, utilize current processes, and ensure that profits continue? 



Star Wars, Jurassic Park & The High Concept

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Focusing on the Jurassic Park, Star Wars or the Marvel franchises, and Gray’s concept of the paratext,  outline how current examples of the high concept film (and the media, marketing and publicity that surround it) has changed or extended the strategies of 1980s and 90s high concept.

Maximum of 3 internet sources, 7 are to be academic sources


Systems Analysis and Design Assignment

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



This assignment builds on assignment 2 and focusses  on core process 4 (design system components), core process 5 (build, test, and integrate system components), and core process 6 (complete system tests and deploy solution).




You are required to thoroughly design your proposed information system and undertake the following tasks:



  1. Design the environment – Provide a high-level architectural diagram and  explain the environment within which the system will operate (i.e., stand alone, networked, hosting options, cloud infrastructure, etc.) (minimum 300 words).

(Insert high-level architectural diagram and explanation here)



  1. Design the user interfaces – Provide story boards illustrating  the user interface for atleast four (4) screens. Discuss how you have applied best-practice user-interface design concepts (minimum 300 words).

(Insert user interface diagrams here)



  1. Design the application architecture and software:



  1. Provide a component diagram showing how your proposed system conforms to a three-layer architecture.You must use Microsoft Visio.

(Insert component diagram here)



  1. Provide a complete design class diagram. You must use Microsoft Visio.



(Insert design class diagram here)



  1. Provide two (2) interaction (sequence) diagrams for the two (2) corresponding use case diagrams presented in assignment 2. You must use Microsoft Visio.



(Insert interaction diagrams here)




  1. Design the database – Describe the approach towards designing a database for thesystem and provide a database schema listing all the tables, attributes, and primary keys. Justify your schema quality with regard to normalisation (minimum 500 words).

(Insert answer here)


  1. Design system controls and security – Describe any security concerns and theapproach towards mitigating security issues for the system (minimum 500 words).


(Insert answer here)


  1. Unit test the software – Provide program stubs and test driver code for two (2)

(Insert program stubs and test driver code here)


  1. Deploy the solution – Describe the approach for planning and managing  implementation, testing, and deployment for the system (minimum 500 words).


(Insert answer here)



Challenges in Ageing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



please find attached files for more information.
please use 3-5 references for each topic, you will find all references in attached files.

Assignment 3, Reflective Journal Exercise Instructions


On-going participation and reflection is important to your learning in this course. The aim of this assessment item is to give you the opportunity to formalise your reflections on the learning material and also to give the lecturers a means of evaluating your involvement with the material/ modules. Self-directed reflection time has been integrated into your study plan in weeks 6 and 10, with an overall review of modules 1-5 in week 13.  This work will be assessed through assignment 3. The weighting for this assignment is 30%.


When you get to the end of each of the 5 topics/ online modules, reflect on your learning. You are asked to reflect upon your learning using the following questions as a guide.

Ask yourself:


  1. What have I learnt in studying this topic?
  2. What professional and personal challenges have I experienced as a result of engaging in this learning?
  3. How will this newfound knowledge and understanding inform my future practice?


You can present your reflection in any form that you wish. For example, you may write a short story or poem or an outline. You may draw, paint, create a graphic collage or find a picture and comment on how this represents your thinking. Whatever the format, each topic reflection (5) should be no more than two A4 pages in length. Therefore to complete this assignment you will submit twelve A4 pages, two A4 pages for each topic (modules 1-5 and Future Predictions). Suitable references must be integrated into your reflections and a reference list provided (APA 6thed.).


A useful guide in how to take notes related to the course topics is provided. This may help you to incrementally work through this assignment and reflect on your learning as we complete each topic/module.

Please note that when you have completed your reflections and finished preparing all twelve pages they should be collated into one document and uploaded to the turnitin portal


Statistic Quiz

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



there two times attempt available, so you can practice one and finish the one, the quiz u need to finish is Fortnightly Quiz week 13, and kindly send any message to me via messaging board.



Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Complete Problem 13-19.

Complete Problem 13-25.

Use one Excel spreadsheet file for the calculations and explanations, with one worksheet per problem. Use the problem number for each worksheet name. Cells should contain the formulas (i.e., if a formula was used to calculate the entry in that cell).



Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Please follow the powerpoint presentation and write a report using the structure and those 4 case studies [Case Study 1 – Items of State significance – Nettheim v Minister for Planning and Local Government, Case Study 2 – Items of Local significance – Woollahra Council v Andriotakis & Ors, Case Study 3 – Items of Local Significance – Tova Pty Ltd v Parramatta City Council, Case Study 4 – Item where a ICO was issued – Meldeep No 5 Pty Ltd v Manly Council].



General instructions


One only of the following questions must be answered.


You are asked to work with 2 or 3 other students (but with no more than 4 in a group) in researching the topic and to either individually or as part of your group:

  • Prepare and submit a written report/essay on the topic; and
  • Give an oral presentation, being:
    •  a summary of your research towards the written report/essay; or
    •  a short persuasive argument encapsulating any point of view or any important aspect of the matter you may wish to present.

If time and numbers permit the “presentation” may be by way of a “debate” between members of 2 groups who have chosen the same topic. Each person should prepare his or her presentation in conjunction with other members of his or her group, allowing 5 minutes for each group member.


The written report/essay should be substantially completed by the beginning of the second block.

It should be finalised in the week following the oral presentations and should incorporate any ideas or greater understanding gained from the presentations


As a guide only, your written report/essay should be approximately 3,500 words. It must be succinct and persuasive.


At the end of your report/essay you must say who you worked with and what their contribution was.

For joint reports/essays, the name(s) of the student(s) leading the group and editing the document should also be given.


Remember that every student contributing to a group report/essay is responsible for ensuring that it is completed on time and that the entire report/essay complies with UTS’ requirements relating to plagiarism.http://web.uts.edu.au/teachlearn/avoidingplagiarism/


The oral presentation is to be given in the second block.


Every other student in the class must also participate in the presentations of others by (as a group task) critiquing the presentation and by asking a question of the presenters.

Further guidance will be given in class in the first teaching block. The learning content of the first block will relate to issues raised by the assessment.

Read the materials provided on working in groups.



Question 4 Understanding statutes and subordinate instruments: Heritage


Prepare a presentation on the taking into account of heritage considerations in the determination of development applications.


Centre your presentation on a case study.


Start your research by reading:


  • The Heritage Act 1977;
  • Relevant provisions in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979;
  • The heritage clauses in at least 3 LEPs;
  • Chapter 17 of Farrier;
  • Chapter 12 of Lyster;
  • At least 3 Land and Environment Court cases dealing with heritage issues.

You should also go to:


  • The Department of Planning web page;
  • Heritage council webpage
  • Wherever else your enquiring minds take you.


A brief executive summary and the board giving your recommendation? include a summary of the capital budgeting analysis that supporting your recommendation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



please write a brief executive summary and the board giving your recommendation? include a summary of the capital budgeting analysis that supporting your recommendation. (i don’t need any reference, just analyze the excel which is the capital budgeting analysis, and then give the recommendation to the coffee manufacturing company. i will upload two additional files, one is the background, and another is the cash flow for the project and the capital budgeting analysis.)



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