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Marketing Planning and Implementation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

need TWO tasks to be done:

* I need another section of the marketing plan to be done. This involves referring to the marketing objective, marketing strategies, tactics which involve the “who, what, when, where, how and money involved” and the budget of these tactics. These need to be supported by statistics and research. I have made the associated objective, strategies and tactics and i need you to further elaborate on them for the business. These are made up by me and are not implemented at the moment but you should write it as if it is going to be implemented. Please refer to the word document “my assignment” to carry out the work. I just need elaboration, backing it up with statistics and how much it will cost to implement.

*Second, i need help writing the positioning statement. I have made a start but i need help to finish it. I have highlighted the part i need help with.

I have added an ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section on the business in the word document, YOU MUST read this first as this will help you with this on what my group has come up with for our swot analysis, targeting and positioning, the other two objectives, marketing strategies and tactics which help to complete the work.

Research Preparation: Principles and Approaches

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Core Assessment:
Weight 50% of overall mark for the Unit.
This assessment has three (3) parts and marks are allocated in the following way:
Part A: 1000 words (20%)
Part B: 500 words (10%)
Part C: 1000 words (20%)
Research usually falls within two major types: quantitative and qualitative. Compare and contrast these two types
using their philosophical underpinnings (1000 words).
PART B: As if writing for a journal article for publication:
1. Provide a purpose statement to describe the question to be addressed in a literature search
2. Document the databases or search engines used. Specify whether other sources (e.g. Information gateways) were
also accessed/searched and whether manual searching was also conducted.
3. Specify the limits applied to the search e.g. dates, language, human studies etc. and why.
4. List the inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria for the search to assist you to avoid missing important studies and
avoid including “false positive” search results. Criteria may include population characteristic, types of interventions,
outcome measures and types of studies and may be restricted to primary research only or specific methodologies.
Exclude specific literature reviews and systematic reviews as these are not original research articles.
5. List the search terms used. These terms should be derived from the purpose statement and identify the concepts of
interest. They should be tested several times to make sure that they are effectively locating literature on the topic
described in the purpose statement. It may be helpful to do this in consultation with a librarian. You may choose to
use text search terms or subject index terms e.g. MeSH, or a combination of these for the search. You should include
information such as exploding or focusing search terms, and the use of Boolean operators e.g. OR and, AND. Indicate
whether the terms used were truncated and if various ways of spelling the terms, plurals and synonyms were included
6. Document the search process for each search engine including search engine, terms and number retrieved on a
search results table (500 words).
Consider the following ethical issue which may be faced by a researcher. Describe the ways in which you would
actively address this issue a research proposal.
A research student collects data for a project from several individuals interviewed in families in Perth. After the fifth
interview, you are told that approval has not been received for the project from Edith Cowan University’s Ethics
What are the main issues that need to be addressed? What would you do? (1000 words)



Writer’s choice

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

TEXT: Maimon, Peritz, Yancey.
The New McGraw-Hill Handbook.
3rd Edition
ISBN: 97800773973206

Please complete the following exercises from the above textbook.

Exercises – 31.6, 31.7, 32.1, 32.2, 32.4, 33.1, 33.2, 33.5


Task 2 only

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

2. (Please include parts 2 (a) to (c) in appendices to your Report).
(a) A table listing the standard prices, standard quantities and standard costs for all variable costs (direct and indirect).
(b) A Flexible Budget for Barnes Scuba Diving for the six months ended 30 June 2015.
(c) Calculation of the following variances:
i) Sales volume variance (assume volume is the total number of courses for the period);
ii) Selling price variance;
(Note that the variances above have not been directly covered in lectures).
iii) Price and quantity variances for each type of direct material;
iv) Rate and efficiency variances for direct labour;
v) Spending and efficiency variances for each variable overhead category;
vi) Spending variance for each fixed overhead category;


New system for monitoring medication errors

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Project Format
1. Title Page (on page 1)
2. Abstract– 200-300 words (on page 2)
3. Table of Contents with page numbers (on page 3)
4. Introduction should contain Topic statement& Objective
5. Background/ Literature Review (about the topic)
6. Methodology / Approach(research design, procedures)
7. Results 
8. Discussion (of the results)
9. Conclusion / Summary(with Recommendations)
10. Appendix / Tables / Stats
11. Resources / References / Bibliography
• Font: Arial / Times new roman 
• Size: 12pt
• Margin: On all sides 1 inch except on Left side 1 ½ inch.
• Alignment : Flush left
• Spacing: One and half line 
• 20 pages max
• Number of copies: 2 (one for submission)
• Number each page as a Footer
• Cover page: Topic/Author/Course/Semester/Date-Year/Organization on Cover page
• Preferred Reference Style for one author (more than 3 use first name with et al):
Pechenik, J.A. (1987) A short guide to biology. Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 194pp
• Within the body of the document use Ref. number only as Superscript (small font) or in brackets.
• Note for Title Page 
Title, Author, Statement below Authors name (by Author Name):
as partial fulfilment of the requirements for
theMaster of Pharmacy Degree
Clinical Pharmacy

On the right side of this page
Program Chair ………………………..
Dr. Ali AlSayed Hussain

At the footer Pharmacy Department, Dubai Health Authority
July, 2015
Topic title: New system for monitoring medication errors 

Some important information also needed beside other given by your professional staff:
1. How to create a blame free system a health care system to repot the medication error
2. Review medication error % in usa,Canada ,uk and uae
3. About medication error definition ,nair miss,levels,the need of medication error and how t reduce medication error 
4. Advantages and disadvantages of reporting
5. Outcome trend to reduce medication error
6. Plan feed back
7. Awareness of medication error(health care professional more reporting also patient
8. Medication error definition ,causes ,types ,recommendation for preventiin
9. Monitoring and managing medication error.


Writer’s choice

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Career & Industry Awareness Assignment

To demonstrate an understanding of the workplace, various industries and career options through exploration, research and experiential learning.



Choose 2 industries that you will consider after graduation. Use Microsoft Excel to complete this assignment in a spreadsheet format. Use Hoovers, First Research, S&P’s NetAdvantage or other resources, such as Google, to answer the following:


  1. Select two industries (An industry is a branch of commercial enterprise concerned with the output of a specified product and/or service).


For each industry list:

    1. Two industry trade associations (i.e. American Advertising Federation – AAF).
    2. Two industry trade journals or industry online resources; blogs, online magazines, etc. (i.e. ABA Banking Journal – industry trade journal, www.AI-Online.com – industry online magazine).
  1. Select two entry-level positions that you would/could apply to with your FOX degree. 
    1. One of the two positions must come from a position posted on FoxNet.
    2. In section II. (your Excel spreadsheet), list the companies, position titles, and answer the traditional interview question: Why are you interested in this position? (for both positions) 
    3. Please print and attach both job posting to the excel sheet.
  2. Select one company from either industry you selected.  Locate and list the following information (publicly traded company is recommended):
    1. Names of the company’s top 5 current officers
    2. The company’s products or services (summarize by product lines or divisions, if the company offers many products and services)
    3. Two current issues in the company’s industry (minimum 2-3 sentences per issue)
    4. Outlook for the company’s industry (minimum 2-3 sentences)


Writer’s choice

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Suggested Journal Prompts (these are just suggestions):


  1. What did you learn from the documents in this section?  What did you find surprising?  How does the material in this chapter relate to what you learned earlier, perhaps in other classes?


  1. What events do you see here that have shaped the world we live in today?


  1. If you did a movie set in the time period of this section, what would be the key elements in your movie?  Tell how you imagine the characters, and what challenges they would deal with.


  1. How might we understand the history differently from someone living in the time period?


  1. How do the documents help you understand the era?  What are some important factors to consider when looking at these documents?


  1. How do the selections in Connecting California compare with what you are reading in the main textbook for this class?  Are you able to connect what you are reading in the two books?


  1. How are these readings, or other activities in the class, helping you grow as a critical thinker?


Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting Portfolio #1

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

P. 2-6: The nature of a transaction gives a clue as to the type of fund in which it should be recorded. 

Scenario 1:
Kendal County engaged in the following transactions:

•It levied and collected $1million in taxes dedicated to the repayment of outstanding general obligation bonds.

•It billed sponsors of a charity bicycle ride $5,000 for providing police patrols during the ride.

•It recognized $60,000 of cash dividends on investments dedicated to the support of a county arts center.

•It recognized $70,000 of cash dividends on investments dedicated to scholarships for needy county residents.

•It incurred $6 million in construction costs to complete a new county jail. The new jail was funded entirely with the proceeds of long-term bonds.

•It transferred $400,000 of unrestricted funds to an appropriate fund to be invested and eventually used to repay the principal on the long-term jail bonds (entries in two funds required).

•It recognized depreciation of $100,000 on equipment in a vehicle repair center that services all county departments that have motor vehicles.

•It collected $30,000 in parking fees at the county-owned garage.

•It issued $8 million in bonds to improve the city-owned electric utility.

•It distributed $3 million in taxes collected on behalf of school districts located within the country.


1.Prepare appropriate journal entries.

2.Indicate the type of funds in which these transactions would most likely be recorded.

P. 5-4: Generally accepted modified accrual accounting practices pertaining to inventories may not fulfill the objectives of financial reporting. 

Scenario 2:
The following is an excerpt from a note to the financial statements of the city of Dallas (dates changed):

The city prepares its annual appropriated general fund, debt service fund, and proprietary operating funds budgets on a basis (budget basis) which differs from generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP basis). The major differences between the budget and GAAP bases are that encumbrances are recorded as the equivalent of expenditures (budget) rather than a commitment of fund balance (GAAP) in the governmental funds.

The city accounts for inventories on the purchases basis. One of the city’s departments, which is accounted for in the general fund, budgeted $195,000 in supplies expenditures for fiscal 2015. It began the 2015 fiscal year with $30,000 of supplies on hand. It also had $12,000 of supplies on order. During the year it ordered an additional $180,000 of supplies, received (and paid for in cash) $185,000 of supplies, and consumed $178,000 of supplies.


1.Prepare all journal entries, consistent with GAAP, including budgetary and encumbrance entries that the department should make in 2015.

2.Indicate the accounts and amounts related to supplies that the city would report on its year-end statement of revenues, expenditures, and changes in fund balance and balance sheet.

3.By how much did the department over- or under-spend its supplies budget (on a budget basis)?

4.Comment on the extent to which the city’s statement provides a basis to:
a.Assess the ‘‘true’’ economic costs associated with supplies

b.Determine whether the city adhered to budgetary spending mandates

5.Suppose that in the last quarter of the year, department officials realized that the department was about to overspend its supplies budget. They therefore ceased placing new orders for supplies. However, they imposed no restrictions on the use of supplies and thereby allowed the supplies inventory to decline to near zero.
a.What impact would these cost-cutting measures have on supplies expenditures as reported in an actual-to budget comparison (on a budget basis)?
b.What impact would the year-end measures have on reported supplies expenditures (per GAAP)? Would your response be different if the city accounted for supplies on the consumption basis?

EX. 10-4: Investment gains and losses may have to be accounted for differently in nonexpendable than in expendable funds. (70 points)

Scenario 3:
The McCracken County Humane Society (MCHS), which is part of a county’s reporting entity, established a permanent fund to provide support for its pet neutering program. As of the start of the year, the fund had a balance of $600,000, composed of both cash and marketable securities.

The program itself, which is accounted for in a special revenue fund, is funded by both direct contributions and the income from the permanent fund. At the start of the year, the special revenue fund had assets (all investments) of $26,000.

The following transactions and events occurred in a recent year.

•The MCHS conducted a Walk Your Pet Day fundraising drive. The event raised $120,000, of which $20,000 was in pledges expected to be collected shortly after year-end.

•The society acquired food and medicine at a cost of $60,000 (cash). During the year, it used $30,000 of these supplies. The society accounts for supplies on a consumption basis. It incurred other operating costs (all paid in cash) of $85,000.

•The society earned interest of $45,000 on investments accounted for in the permanent fund.

•During the year, the market value of the investments held by the permanent fund increased by $30,000. Per the terms of the agreement establishing the endowment, all capital gains, both realized and unrealized, must be added to principal.

• During the year, the value of investments held by the special revenue fund increased by $3,000.

•The society transferred cash to the special revenue fund in the amount of the earnings of the permanent fund.

1.Prepare journal entries to record the events and transactions. Be sure you indicate the fund in which they would be recorded.

2.In your opinion, should the unrealized gains on the investments held in the special revenue fund be considered expendable or nonexpendable? Explain.

3.How would the transfer from the permanent fund to the special revenue fund be reported in the government-wide statements?



Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

‘The Australian legal system is radically different to other legal systems’. Write a persuasive argument that either agrees or disagrees with this statement. In your essay compare the Australian legal system with at least 4 other legal systems of your choice.



Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

ELEC 102 Intro to ElectroTechnology

Assignment Number 2

Instructor:  Michael S. Morse


  1. For Diagram I and Diagram II below, determine how fast the sphere will be going when it reaches location B. In each case, assume that there is no friction loss.


2.a Looking only at Diagram II (the pendulum), determine how high the sphere will reach on the right side if it looses 10% of its mechanical energy to friction with each

rotation from left to right.


2.b How many left to right or right to left rotations will the pendulum from part 2.a make before it can go no higher than .1 meter?




  1. Determine how much gasoline a 10000 Watt generator would use per hour assuming that 1 gallon of gasoline contains 125000 BTUs of energy and assuming that there are no losses to friction.


  1. You ran a 100 watt bulb for 100 hours. A) In KWHRs, BTUS, and Joules of energy, how many were used?  B) If a KWHR costs ten cents, then how much did it cost to run that bulb and what is the cost per joule and the cost per BTU?


  1. An arrow is launched on a pathway that is at a height of one meter and is horizontal (and thus initially parallel to the ground). The arrow has an initial velocity of 50 meters/second.  Assume that that there is no friction to slow the arrow in its forward motion.  Using the equations of motion, determine the following:
  2. How long it will take before the arrow drops the one meter in flight to the ground?
  3. How far will the arrow travel before it hits the ground.
  4. Absent the effects of gravity, how far would the arrow travel?



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