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Marketing Planning and Implementation

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need TWO tasks to be done:

* I need another section of the marketing plan to be done. This involves referring to the marketing objective, marketing strategies, tactics which involve the “who, what, when, where, how and money involved” and the budget of these tactics. These need to be supported by statistics and research. I have made the associated objective, strategies and tactics and i need you to further elaborate on them for the business. These are made up by me and are not implemented at the moment but you should write it as if it is going to be implemented. Please refer to the word document “my assignment” to carry out the work. I just need elaboration, backing it up with statistics and how much it will cost to implement.

*Second, i need help writing the positioning statement. I have made a start but i need help to finish it. I have highlighted the part i need help with.

I have added an ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section on the business in the word document, YOU MUST read this first as this will help you with this on what my group has come up with for our swot analysis, targeting and positioning, the other two objectives, marketing strategies and tactics which help to complete the work.



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