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ELEC 102 Intro to ElectroTechnology

Assignment Number 2

Instructor:  Michael S. Morse


  1. For Diagram I and Diagram II below, determine how fast the sphere will be going when it reaches location B. In each case, assume that there is no friction loss.


2.a Looking only at Diagram II (the pendulum), determine how high the sphere will reach on the right side if it looses 10% of its mechanical energy to friction with each

rotation from left to right.


2.b How many left to right or right to left rotations will the pendulum from part 2.a make before it can go no higher than .1 meter?




  1. Determine how much gasoline a 10000 Watt generator would use per hour assuming that 1 gallon of gasoline contains 125000 BTUs of energy and assuming that there are no losses to friction.


  1. You ran a 100 watt bulb for 100 hours. A) In KWHRs, BTUS, and Joules of energy, how many were used?  B) If a KWHR costs ten cents, then how much did it cost to run that bulb and what is the cost per joule and the cost per BTU?


  1. An arrow is launched on a pathway that is at a height of one meter and is horizontal (and thus initially parallel to the ground). The arrow has an initial velocity of 50 meters/second.  Assume that that there is no friction to slow the arrow in its forward motion.  Using the equations of motion, determine the following:
  2. How long it will take before the arrow drops the one meter in flight to the ground?
  3. How far will the arrow travel before it hits the ground.
  4. Absent the effects of gravity, how far would the arrow travel?




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