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Suggested Journal Prompts (these are just suggestions):


  1. What did you learn from the documents in this section?  What did you find surprising?  How does the material in this chapter relate to what you learned earlier, perhaps in other classes?


  1. What events do you see here that have shaped the world we live in today?


  1. If you did a movie set in the time period of this section, what would be the key elements in your movie?  Tell how you imagine the characters, and what challenges they would deal with.


  1. How might we understand the history differently from someone living in the time period?


  1. How do the documents help you understand the era?  What are some important factors to consider when looking at these documents?


  1. How do the selections in Connecting California compare with what you are reading in the main textbook for this class?  Are you able to connect what you are reading in the two books?


  1. How are these readings, or other activities in the class, helping you grow as a critical thinker?




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