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Green skyscrapers?

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by studying the green feature of green wall and green roof, to question if they could really make skyscrapers green instead of visually and sensibly green. How much they actually competitive with other non-visible green feature like cool roof and self-healing concrete.
Please write in simple English because English is not my first language. No need complicated sentences.


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of Flow through entities and C corporation.

All from Taxation point of view.

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Genetics and Genomics – DNA Fingerprinting Lab

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For the assessed lab report

In your report you should include a copy (actual or scanned) of your gel photograph suitably labelled. Based on the data in this gel can you match one of the suspects to the sample left at the crime scene? (20 marks) Note that you do not need to include any details of how the experiment was performed.

In your report you should also answer the six questions below:

The DNA profiles in this experiment were compiled from four separate loci (on autosomal chromosomes) with multiple alleles at each locus. The relationship between the bands you observed and these four loci is shown in the figure below.

Question 1 (10 marks): From the above figure list the full genotype of the four suspects. Use the nomenclature A1 for allele 1 at locus A.

Question 2 (10 marks): The table below gives the number of times that each of the alleles present in our suspects are observed in the general population. From this allele frequency table calculate and list the frequency within the general population of each of these alleles. When the frequencies for each allele (at a given locus) are added together they do not reach 1 (100%), why is this?

Question 3 (20 marks): For each of the four suspects calculate the probability that another member of the general population would have the same DNA profile.

Question 4 (10 marks): If Ralph Tribano and Carrie Hoffman were to have a child together list one possible genotype that that child could have. During the investigation it was revealed that Lisa Dieta is actually the daughter of Ray Carlton. List a possible genotype of the mother.

Question 5 (10 marks): The “prosecutor’s fallacy” commonly crops up when considering DNA fingerprinting evidence. Consider the following scenario: DNA fingerprinting evidence from a crime scene in the UK indicates that 1 in 10,000 people will match the DNA profile found at the crime scene. For the purposes of this exercise assume that the frequencies of the alleles used do not deviate between different subpopulations of the UK, and that the crime was committed by someone from the UK. On DNA fingerprinting evidence alone what is the approximate probability that a suspect with a matching DNA profile is innocent of the crime? Explain your reasoning in 50 words or less.

Question 6 (20 marks): With the help of diagrams explain in 100 words or less how the extensive polymorphism observed in Variable Number Tandem Repeats (originally used for DNA Fingerprinting analysis) arises.

malham field report

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its report for a field trip – i want it 4000 words without the reference –
appendix – abstract 200 words exactly – introduction – method – result its analysis using minitab or excel i want u to anlayze each test under it – and finally discussion – going to attach paper that show u how to write this report exactly and which test that u have to do by minitab also going to attach the data
we have just to choose one host and one parasite so going to choose mice and any one of the parasite – u have to chose data for 10 years

kill a mockingbird

Order Instructions/Requirements

please read the attached link…. Write on the author staying at a nursing home and was there any wrong or right doings on her behalf

mix of company financial statements

Order Instructions/Requirements

You will be presented with summarised financial statements of two companies. You will have a unique assessment due to its mix of company financial statements.

The first company details

The second company details

Answer all parts of this assessment. Assuming you are employed as an accountant for a company, you are to provide advice to your Board of Directors.
You are to prepare a report to analyse the results of the companies that you have been given, calculating as many ratios as you consider appropriate.
This report should look at all aspects of the companies, including:

Part A (40 marks)
Should your company accept each of these companies as your customer? If so, discuss any sales policies that must be introduced.

Part B (40 marks)
Calculate and provide advice on the following:
1) What value would you give to a 10% shareholding in these companies? Should your company buy shares in these companies?
2) Prepare the 2015 Cash Flow Statement for each company.
3) Calculate the Z score of each company based on the most recent financial results.

Part C (10 marks)
If your company were to acquire one or more of the companies, recommend areas of each business that can be improved using budgets.

The remaining 10 marks will be awarded for the presentation and layout of your report.

You are permitted to use any resources that you deem appropriate much as a professional accountant or financial advisor would do. Therefore, you can use materials that you have prepared before 4th December such as pro-forma spreadsheet to calculate any appropriate ratios or the Cash Flow Statement (for 2015 only; 2014 is not required).

There is no specified word limit. The limited time available will constrain the length of the report that you present. Remember that the directors will be seeking financial advice and that your advice should be presented in a report format.

Note – for consistency when calculating ratios, please consider net profits and earnings after taxation.

Note to my dear writer

This coursework is very important to deal with qualified and efficient writer and it s the first coursework. I am eager to deal with the same writer in the second coursework will be made available at 09.00 hours on 16th December 2015 and we are to submit it by 15.00 hours on the same day. All times are UK times. Also, the second coursework will be the same questions but different companies and limit time. So I need the writer ID to contact during this coursework and to arrange with him before the 16 Dec to do the second coursework.

anatomy muscle contraction

Order Instructions/Requirements

Skeletal Muscle contraction

Tell me the story of a skeletal muscle contraction beginning with the excitation of a motor neuron (including local potentials) leading to action potential, putting out neurotransmitter, then the receptors on the muscle side all the players involved in the contraction and the sequence of events that make it happen all the way to muscle relaxation

Format is up to you. You can hand write it, make flash cards, PowerPoint presentation, write it out step by step, use diagrams, tell it like a story in essay format.

Just make sure you pay attention to detail so include all the steps and correctly identify the players, i.e. mention that calcium ions in the presynaptic knobs get in via voltage gated ion channels and that the receptors of acetylcholine are ligand gated ion channels etc.


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Tsiliakou,T., Labropoulos, E. Dimopoulou. (2013) TRANSFORMING 2D CADASTRAL DATA INTO A DYNAMIC SMART 3D MODELE. International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences,Volume XL-2/W2, ISPRS 8th 3DGeoInfo Conference & WG II/2 Workshop, 27 – 29 November 2013.

and answer the following questions (2 points each): Answers it only. Don’t add questions on paper. Simple straight forward answers.

1. What gap in the existing literature the authors have identified?

2. What are the research questions or hypotheses they have identified?

3. Explain what methods are used to address the research questions or hypotheses. Do you think the methods are appropriate for the research questions? Are there any aspects pertaining to the research questions that have been overlooked or remained unanswered?

4. How do the results inform the research questions?

5. What are the implications of the study for planning and policy-making? Are these properly addressed by the authors?

Briefing Note on (TPP)

Order Instructions/Requirements

TPP … I hate acronyms,” exclaimed a rather testy and annoyed Saskatchewan Minister of Finance to you his ever faithful, charming and loyal Deputy Minister.

“The Minister of the Economy claims she can’t make it to the next Cabinet meeting. Something about an international meeting of trade Ministers at a five star hotel in some remote resort that will take her three days to get to. Tough to take, eh?

“So guess what she wants me to do? She wants me to make the recommendation to Cabinet as to whether Saskatchewan should support the TPP, which I gather means Trans-Pacific Partnership. But fill me in my good Deputy.
Tell me all about why freer trade is important (or is it).
What are the objections to freer trade?
tell me about the other big trade agreements has Canada entered into?
Tell me about this TPP thing – what is it,
who is involved,
who negotiated it,
what does it entail from an economic perspective. Should we be concerned about any moral issues associated with the agreement?
Are there many downsides to the agreement?
Why isn’t China part of the partnership?

“Then give me the options for Cabinet and the advantages and disadvantages of each – please put them in a table so I can sort them out easily. And, finally give me a firm recommendation. You know I hate it when you get wishy- washy on me. Be sure to back up things with evidence like facts and data. Keep the note pithy.

“Now let me get back to my travel arrangements for the next meeting of provincial Ministers of Finance. I gather we get to go to Jake’s Corner which is somewhere in the Yukon that no-one knows or cares about … great … so much fun being a Finance Minister, eh?

The Instructions

Your instructions are as follows:

• A two-page briefing note
• Times New Roman 12 for text, Times New Roman 11 for tables or charts
• Please note that tables or charts must have a title
• Single spaced
• Format (no other format is acceptable – subtitles in bold face and left-margin adjusted):
o Issue
o Background
o Analysis (which includes the alternatives)
o Recommendation
• Pages must be numbered (no number on page one)
• Paragraphs must be left-margin adjusted (no indenting)
• Citations and a bibliography are not required … please note that plagiarism is a serious offence (see below)
• Please ensure that paragraphs are separated by a blank line


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