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Accounting and finance of managers

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Take the most recent published annual financial statement for Qatar TV organization. Assume you are a shareholder in this organization. xritically assess the value, to a shareholder, of the information in the statement. Identify what you see as the financial objective of the company and discuss how far that satisfies your personal objectives. by using appropriate ratios perform an analysis of the company and of its current share price. pay particular attention to the company’s capital structure and to its chances of surviving the current global economic situation. Conclude by deciding, with reasons, whether (assuming your personal resources permit) you should sell or hold your existing shares or you should buy more.

Equity and Trusts – trust concept (English law)

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(English law) Equity and Trusts Law – the trust concept.


The following is a problem question where the law is applied with case law and statutes mostly. It requires critical analysis and thought so the relevant accuracy of the law is applied in the area of trust law of constitution, 3 certainties, formalities, Wills and gifts.


The parties are seeking advice in relation to their entitlement. Please address the problem question accurately as it is a complex area in English law.


Please quote the authority briefly within the answer to highlight and the footnotes where possible.


The referencing style is OSCOLA (Oxford) with footnotes with up to 45 references.





1) Sarah died recently and by her will, she appointed her son Tom as her sole executor. Tom tells you that when Sarah had been packing to go on holiday to France last year she had become worried about flying. She handed Tom her car keys and the title deeds to her house ‘Lavender Dream’, saying “If anything happens to me you can keep these.” Sarah then wrote a note which stated “I do hereby give my house Lavender Dream to my son Tom”. She stapled the note onto the deeds of Lavender Dream.


2) When Sarah came back from her holiday two weeks later, she did not speak to Tom again about either the car or Lavender Dream. Since then she continued to use the car with her spare car keys and on several occasions she lent it to her niece Rose.


3) Amber tells you that last year Sarah had stated that she would leave The Grove Plot to Amber in her will. This is because Sarah was so thankful about some money that Amber had given Sarah some money a few years earlier to help her over some financial problems. Sarah then paid for a cottage to be built on The Grove Plot for Amber. In return, Amber was so grateful that she started to spend more time with Sarah taking her out and about, doing Sarah’s heavy chores and shopping for her.


4) The night before she died, Sarah had felt very unwell and telephoned Rose. In response, Rose visited and helped to put her Aunt to bed, sitting with her with her as she rested. Sarah asked Rose to open the top drawer of her dressing table and told her that she could have all the things in the drawer. Inside, Rose found an emerald ring and some share certificates.


The following clauses are also contained in Sarah’s will.


  1. £20,000 to my niece Kerry so that she can use part of it herself and hold the remaining part on trust for all her cousins.


  1. £3,000 to my old pal James secure in the knowledge that he will distribute half amongst our old friends in the Watergate Park Tennis club where we both used to play. James knows them all.


  1. a) Identify the issues of law arising in the above problem.


  1. b) Consider the possible entitlements (if any) of Tom and Amber and Rose, Kerry and James. (Answer both parts of this question)

Learning Theory U3 Q1, Q4 & Q6

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Using the attached course text and words of expression in your own words without plagiarism, answer the following questions in detail and use appropriate citation and course text references:


Question 1


Analyze what theorists mean when they say that long-term memory is associationistic. Examine two different theoretical models regarding how long-term memory might be organized.


Question 4


Assume it is 10 years from now. Someone asks you what the process of elaboration is. You think about this for a minute and then realize that you cannot remember the information. Give four possible explanations, each based on a different theory of forgetting, as to why you are unable to remember this concept from your learning theory course.


Question 5


As a teacher, you want your classroom assessments to help students learn class subject matter more effectively. With the textbook’s discussion of classroom assessment practices in mind, examine three strategies you can use to help your assessments become valuable learning tools for your students.


Question 6


Examine Piaget’s concepts of assimilation and accommodation, showing how they are different processes but also how they are related to each other. Give an example that illustrates each of the two processes.

Planning for opening some machinery for class survey as a chief engineer

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are a Chief Engineer on a large tanker  180,000  Dwt installed with large slow speed engine directly coupled to the propeller. You may choose any slow speed engine of your choice, and you need to mention the specifications of the chosen engine. The vessel is classed by NK Class, Japan, who permit Chief Engineer to carry out survey, which will be endorsed by NK, subject to verification of a Chief Engineer’s report.( You may choose a different Classification Society of your choice, if you so desire). You are required to open up the following machinery for a class survey, assuming  a port stay of 5 days on this occasion.

  1. One cylinder unit complete which includes the cylinder head mountings, Liner, Piston, Piston rod and gland.
  2. One Cross head pin and bearing complete.
  3. One Connecting rod pin bearing complete
  4. One Main bearing and journal.

Prepare a detailed report of the above survey undertaken.

Your report  should include the following:

  1. Planning of the activities. 5 Marks


  1. All safety precautions taken in the activities.                                                                      5 Marks


  1. Thorough investigation of the machinery components of the main engine 10 Marks


  1. A detailed report based on your examination.   10 Marks


  1. Details of spare parts used.    5 Marks


  1. Any repairs or additional work carried out.     5 Marks


There are no limitations to the length of this assignment which will be worth 20 Marks out of 100 Marks assigned to this unit.

Week 6 assignment 1

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

To prepare for this Assignment:


In this Assignment you will develop a Personal Success Plan that includes both short-term and long-term goals.


  • Consider how you have grown or changed your perspective throughout this course.


  • Were you surprised by any of the scores you received? What resources will you use this term to enhance your skills in the areas that you’ve covered?


  • Review the Personal Success Plan Checklist and Worksheet (Word document).


  • Watch the Scholar of Change videos.

Case Study Report Part A:Co-morbidities

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The written assessment tasks for this subject require you to submit a Case Study Report in which you explore the potential impact of chronic and complex conditions on the patient.


In addition to a brief introduction and conclusion, PART A of your report should include:

A discussion of the pathophysiology and related clinical manifestations of EACH diagnosed chronic illness that the patient is presenting with in the case study

A discussion of the chronicity and complexity of the patient’s condition, including the identification of two (2) possible interactions between the patient’s co-morbidities and a discussion of how these conditions will impact the patient and her family. You will need to consider the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and the medication the patient is taking in this part of the report.


Your report must adhere to academic writing conventions. Sub-headings may be used, but dot points and tables should not be included in this part of the assessment item.

You should support your discussion with a MINIMUM 10 recent (less than 7 years old) and credible sources. Credible sources include, peer reviewed journal articles, text-books, evidence summaries, best practice guidelines, government documents, health facility clinical guidelines and policies/procedures and websites containing content aimed at health professionals. Please note that lecture slides will not be considered to be credible sources for this assessment task.


Assignment Task


Case Study for Part A


Luigi is a 77 year old Italian man who has lived in Australia for 40 years. He lives with his wife and son, who was born in Australia and attends university. Luigi speaks English well as he worked as an accountant for many years before his retirement. His wife who is also Italian has limited English as she has stayed at home caring for her husband and her son for most of her married life, thus Luigi does most of the shopping, pays bills etc.

Luigi’s health has declined over the last 15 years with a history of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes for which he takes metformin 500mg BD. He is overweight, does not pay much attention to his blood sugar levels or his diet and leads a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

Lately Luigi notices his ankles are swelling and his vision is blurring. After a visit to the GP it is noticed his blood pressure is elevated and he has protein and glucose in his urine. This leads to further investigations where Luigi is diagnosed with chronic renal failure.



It is known that chronic disease is the leading cause of death across the world (Johnson & Chang, 2014). Nurses need to be able to provide care to all health consumers, with a significant role in assessing a person, planning care, communicating with colleagues and ensuring that the holistic needs are met and evaluated. The ongoing nature of the conditions can result in longer term debilitating outcomes if not addressed appropriately. Children, young people, adults and older adults all experience the full range of health issues yet manage them differently.


This assessment task addresses the following subject learning outcomes:

Plan nursing care for patients with complex co-morbidities demonstrating rationale for how one affects the other.

Plan nursing care of a patient with a co-morbidity in consultation with individuals/groups significant others and the interdisciplinary health care team in the clinical setting

Collaborate with the interdisciplinary health care team to provide comprehensive nursing care in the clinical setting

Evaluate and reflect on their own ability to implement strategies to lead teams and care coordination.

Brain Injury

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assignment Objectives: Identify and select appropriate interventions including diagnostic tests and nursing interventions. Analyze physiological and psychological responses to illness and treatment modalities


Purpose: Examine case studies related to neurologic disease and answer the assigned questions. This assignment should help refine your clinical/critical thinking skills.


Assignment Description: Answer the questions in the grading criteria related to each of the patients provided. Your answer must follow APA 6th edition format. Submit the answer in the assignment area of your course. This assignment is worth 50 points.


Patient 1 – Two individuals come to the emergency department with head injuries. One, 25 years old, has just been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and has a temporal lobe injury. The other, 65 years old, has increasing confusion after a fall that happened earlier in the week.


  1. Differentiate the pathophysiology of extradural hematoma and subdural hematoma.


  1. Identify the patient in the above scenario requiring immediate emergency surgical intervention and provide rationale for your choice.


Patient 2 – An 38 year old was driving his 1970 Chevy Corvette to a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game when a deer jumped out in front of him on the highway. He swerved his car and hit a telephone pole instead. His head hit the windshield and he suffered severe head trauma.


  1. Describe the most likely specific type of head injury he suffered.


  1. Outline the treatment plan for this patient.


Parameters: Mini Case Study Assignment Grading Criteria





Maximum Points


Earned Points


Patient 1 – Described the pathophysiology of extradural and subdural hematomas. Identified the surgical emergency and provided rationale for the choice.



Patient 2 – Described the most likely type of head injury and outlined an approriate treatment plan.

Ménière’s Disease.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Critical Thinking Topic


A 40 year old female describes having a “full feeling” in her right ear. After assessing her and ordering appropriate tests, you diagnose her with Ménière’s Disease.


  1. Describe the pathophysiology of Ménière’s Disease and give rationale for the full feeling she is experiencing.


  1. Describe the tests that are used to diagnose Ménière’s Disease.


  1. Develop a plan of care for this patient.

The PBS Frontline Program

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assignment 4 is based on your viewing of the PBS Frontline Program, League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis. This program can be viewed online at the following URL: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/league-of-denial/. This case ties-in with several topics related to the employee as a stakeholder within an organization. After watching the program, answer the following questions:


What are the ethical issues in this case?

Which of the workers’ rights discussed in Ch. 17 and/or Ch. 18 are central to the NFL Concussion Crisis? Explain.

What responsibility if any does the NFL have to former players suffering from brain trauma? Does the helmet manufacturer have any responsibilities to players?

Did the players’ lawsuit accusing the NFL of concealing the link between traumatic brain injury and professional football have any merit? In your opinion does the NFL’s settlement seem fair?

Single parenthood and case study on unemployment in borough of Enfield

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In relation to social issues “single Parenthood”. 2000 words


  1. Discuss in relation to the common sense perspective ( i.e. the ordinary understanding of the issue promoted in everyday conversation, films, TV, and news papers, (particularly tabloids)
  2. Apply sociological perspective that will explain why the situation exists and may challenge or confirm some of your common sense perspective, for example what does a Feminist, or Functionalism perspective say about single parents?


  1. Explain and select a social policy to that specific event, (i.e. what policies exist), for example to help people back into work? Are there policies about supporting single parents? .Have resources for these service user groups developed from policy?

1.4. What implications does it have for professional practice as an health and social professional?


  1. Case study 1000 words on unemployment in borough of Enfield.

A description of the area of interest and identification of why you have chosen to investigate this area.

You may choose (For example) poverty within the borough, your interests may be about social justice, and equal rights for people.


You may say you have chosen to investigate it, because it is very high in the borough, or it is significant amongst a particular group of people, etc.


3.2. Identify the potential social impact of your chosen area of interest

You may wish to consider how (For example) poverty affects the life chances of people, education, lack of job opportunities, poor housing etc.


3.3. How does this area relate to your profession?


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