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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discussion 1

Deliberate and Emergent Strategies

What is the difference between deliberate strategies and emergent strategies? How might emergent help with a future strategic planning process? In your opinion, what are the potential consequences of ignoring emergent strategies? Support your answers with resources.

Discussion 2


Globalization and International Markets

Choose two international strategies, compare and contrast them, and discuss why organizations may choose one strategy over another when expanding into the international market.

Mgm316 discussion question

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Knowing details about the culture of a prospective international client before a meeting assures a successful intercultural communication encounter. A Chinese businessman whom you have never met is coming to the United States to visit you. You and your female boss invite him to lunch. You call the in-house “culture coach” and ask the following questions:

  • How should you handle the introduction, greeting, and handshaking?
  • How do you exchange business cards?
  • How do you explain your position and your boss’s position?
  • Where should you take him to lunch, and when?
  • Should you exchange gifts?
  • How will you begin business discussions?
  • What should not be brought up in business discussions?
  • Is there anything else you should prepare for?

Overview of chapter + 3 dq answered

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

an overview of the chapter 7 plus answer the Discussion Questions; each question and the overview should be at least half a page in length. The chapter assignment must include at least 10 quality references overall and at least two per question to demonstrate that you have completed additional reading. The references used MUST NOT be the same as those used in the book chapter.

Need these discussion questions answered apart from the overview.

C:Evaluate Hotel Human Resources in a sustainable business environment, identify local and international issues that influences on such an environment?

F:Evaluate Hotel Yield Management in a sustainable business environment, identify local and international issues that influences on such an environment?

G:Draw up an active plan of how your management style will influence sustainability.

Ethical Questions

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Ethical Questions Please read these assignment instructions before writing your paper, and re-read them often during and after the writing process to make sure that you are fulfilling all of the instructions. Please also utilize the assignment guidance, the modeled example, and the outline provided. Overview The following assignment is an exercise designed to help you begin the process of addressing a moral issue, a process that will continue in the next two assignments. In this exercise, you will do the following: Formulate an ethical question within one of the given topic areas from the list provided. Provide an introduction in which you briefly explain the topic and the particular question on which you will focus your paper. State your position on the question at issue. Identify one consideration that would support your position and one consideration that would challenge it. Instructions The exercise must be at least 500 words in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Be sure to include a title page and, if you include references, a bibliography. The exercise should be in outline (not essay) format, with each part labeled and numbered as specified below. Part One: Formulate the Question Read through the list of available topic areas, and select a topic on which you would like to write your next two papers. Formulate a specific, concrete, ethical question pertaining to that topic, and place that at the top of your paper.

Compare movies

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Using frank capris movie ″it′s a wonderful life″ and the fighting movie ″fight club″, compare and contrast the values, attitudes and behaviors. Do not summarize the movies

Arguments about media

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1.            How does the public eye have an effect on what you post on social media. 2.Does social media have an effect on children academic performance 3.Is social media a good stepping stone launch your business. Keep in mind that you must use your own words, and make a claim and attempt to persuade your reader that this claim is valid). You can research your information.


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In MND Shakespeare illustrates what can happen when various kinds of love conflict or compete with eros (romantic love).For instance, even though Hermia and Helena appear to have been friends all their lives (phileo or friendship love), in the middle of the play they are angry at each other because both Demetrius and Lysander ″love” Helena. Write an essay in which you explore what Shakespeare seems to be saying about the relative power of romantic love (eros) over one of the other three kinds of love (phileo, storge or affectionate love, and agape or unconditional love) displayed in the play. A Midsummer Night′s Dream by Russ McDonald

Review of Video Lecture

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Watch the following video and write a review of the video in bullett points. Two pages. http://class.lecturecapture.uh.edu/uh/SilverlightPlayer/Default.aspx?peid=


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Mechanistic versus Organic Style of Management
As noted in Chapter Four through Six of Police Administration, there are variations in how mid-level managers in police organizations and private sector organizations administer their units. On the one hand, mechanistic organizations exert more control over employees while organic organizations allow lower-level employees to make more decisions and control the work they perform. In some cases, this is beneficial, because units may adapt to community needs more promptly. In other cases, it could mean that police officers are not achieving important departmental goals or that certain policies are not being kept. Police administrators must make sure that policies are followed and that problems, such as excessive force, questionable shootings, or false arrests, do not occur.

As a police administrator, how would you control the department while ensuring that officers have and maintain good relations with the public? Would you adopt a mechanistic style or a more organic style of management, or a combination of both? Why? Provide examples of situations in which each style would be beneficial to a police organization.


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Down’s Bureaucratic Leadership StylesDown’s style of leadership theory (Chapter Six of Police Admini

Down’s style of leadership theory (Chapter Six) has identified several types of leaders that exist in every organization. On the surface, some of these types appear to be completely dysfunctional and detrimental to an organization or law enforcement department. However, there may be instances in which some of these leaders can be beneficial.

Provide examples of situations in which it would be beneficial to a law enforcement organization for the leadership style to be that of conserverzealot, or advocate. Then, provide examples of situations in which it would be beneficial to a private sector organization for the leadership style to be that of conserverzealot, or advocate. Which style of leadership is most beneficial to either law enforcement organizations or private sector organizations? Why?


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