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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

second : for the project 2 part 1 we did the bolt connectors part of your book on pages 434-447 (new textbook). Turn in the completed models and screen images of the connector and bolt check charts. Design the plate attachment method of a four wheel rover robot. Use as few M3x0.5 bolts as possible. For this assignment, turn in models of all fasteners analyzed as an assembly. Include screen images of the stress, displacement, and bolt check.

Connecting the dots: Essay 1

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1000-plus word essay and brief (solo) class presentation — powerpoint, presi, keynote, etc. — with images, (optional) video, and other media of your choice.

Connecting the Dots and Trying Something: Using class readings, discussions and outside research, you will dig deeper into work happening in placemaking, tactical urbanism and socially engaged art on a national or international level that you find especially interesting and write an essay about that work — linking it, however possible in the discussion, to your project work and thinking so far in class.

For this essay, you will frame the writing with you views addressing this in the context of at least one of the three questions we developed as a class on Oct. 24.

These are (paraphrased and added to a bit by me):

1.How can we help communities develop into better places (safer, less vacant, better quality of life, better connected physically and socially, etc.) without displacing people who are already there? Why is this important to consider? What are others doing about this as examples? What can we learn from this?
2. How do we find out what people want —what they think will make them feel happier and make communities better — and make sure our work is connected to those desires? Why is this important? What are others doing about this as examples? What can we learn from this?
3. What kinds of things do individuals want that can also translate into improved community-wide happiness? How do we help communities find these shared interests? And how can we measure success — like community happiness? What are others doing about this as examples? What can we learn from this?

Thrust producing engines

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discuss the dilemma between performance v efficiency, referencing the propulsion efficiency equation (pg 84). Include the two concerns discussed in the chapter re performance and efficiency. Does an increase in one result in a decrease in the other? Text is primary resource


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Research question:

Study the “Learning to See” e-text by Rother & Shook in module 11 CONTENT after you have reviewed D2L content on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) including video:

a) Read pp. 9-40 (that covers step-by-step the VSM process using the State Street Company) to become skilled in how to draw your own VSM (a simplified method is also described in D2L CONTENT for module 11).

b) Then, try your hand at doing a quick “pencil” version using the data on pp. 41-47 for TWI Industries (do not turn in, but review your skills on the completed TWI VSM on p. 133 in Appendix).

c) Study Guidelines #1 through #7 (pp. 50-68) on how to improve any operation to make it lean using this traditional Toyota methodology. Particularly learn what it means to “flow first” then “pull.”

Fools crow review

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

book is on kindle/amazon(james welch 2011) penguin classics
this paper needs thesis in first paragrah
describe in detail the elements of masculinity you see in book about
white mans dog/fools crow and his tribe that are different than traditional white masculinity. what do these attributes reveal about the pikunis?
two pages with page cite

Facility location analysis with Annotated Bibliography

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

(Read Chapter 8 in textbook) Here is the scenario: You work for an electronic waste recycling and computer refurbishing company as a manager and financial controller. You work in the front office while there is a warehouse where the recycling and refurbishing takes place. It is a company of about 30 employees. The website for the electronic waste company is here: www.greenchiprecycling.com. The website for the computer refurbishing company is here: www.recircuit.us. Green Chip Recycling is looking to open a new location. Write a 4-5 page paper on Facility Location Analysis from chapter 8 of the textbook. Based on information and data, you must: (a) create a situation with quantitative factors; (b) solve the situation showing the proof of your calculations; and (c) analyze the implications. Additionally, search academic social science research periodicals that deal with Facility Location Analysis and write a one page annotated bibliography citation for each periodical. (PERIODICALS MUST BE FROM THE USA OR THE UK) The two annotated bibliography summaries should include the following: The purpose of the article; the design and/or methodological approach of the article; the findings of the article; the conclusions of the article; and should be from 300 to 500 words in length. The minimum length is 300 words; any fewer words will reduce the grade. The 300 to 500 word length only represents your words, not words attributed to another author, or cited from previous articles.


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements


The institution of slavery varied widely in the new world and so did African and African American slave responses to it. I want you to make an argument for which colonial society — the Chesapeake Colonies, the Northern Colonies, the Carolinas, the Spanish Empire, or the West Indies — had the most brutal system and which had the least brutal system of slavery and why.
In your essay, please compare and contrast the institution of slavery in the two colonial societies you selected and include slave responses to the institution of slavery. Be certain to include at least one example of active resistance and one example of passive resistance taken from the primary source readings, author lectures, and documentaries we viewed.


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Project Management COURSE: Continuation Assignments

Examples have been provided on the templates please change based on Project you are working on as the student.

AP Biology

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

*write an essay that explains why the surface area to volume ratio for a cell membrane and cytoplasm volume limits the size a cell can achieve and still maintain homeostasis refer to the lab attached  Be sure to give specific examples of how different cells deal/overcome these limits in order to carry out their functions.  For example, the sciatic nerve is an example of a rather large cell that is designed in such a way with membrane and volume dimensions that allow for it to maintain its size so that it can perform its function.

Social class and life chances

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discuss how your social class can affect these two things: Life expectancy and the types of disease/injury you may develop. Who do you think lives longer on average? Poor people or those in the upper middle class? Why? Think about this example when discussing what sociological variables, that are linked to social class, influence your health and life expectancy.


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