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1. Research question:

Study the “Learning to See” e-text by Rother & Shook in module 11 CONTENT after you have reviewed D2L content on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) including video:

a) Read pp. 9-40 (that covers step-by-step the VSM process using the State Street Company) to become skilled in how to draw your own VSM (a simplified method is also described in D2L CONTENT for module 11).

b) Then, try your hand at doing a quick “pencil” version using the data on pp. 41-47 for TWI Industries (do not turn in, but review your skills on the completed TWI VSM on p. 133 in Appendix).

c) Study Guidelines #1 through #7 (pp. 50-68) on how to improve any operation to make it lean using this traditional Toyota methodology. Particularly learn what it means to “flow first” then “pull.”



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