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Ethics II

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Establishing a culture of sound business ethics within an organization is challenging, to say the least. Companies that market products which are not considered to be “healthy” for consumers have additional challenges. Using the CSU Online Library, research a company that markets “unhealthy” products. Examples might include tobacco or alcohol companies, but these examples are not exclusive. Respond to the following questions.

1. Briefly describe the company and its product and the ethical dilemma associated with the production and distribution of its products.

2. Examine how the perception of the product differs within cultures—both within the United States and globally.

3. How has this company handled the ethical implications of its product with a focus on social responsibility, integrity, and business ethics?

4. Explain how leadership within the organization can instill a culture of ethics within the marketing department as they strive to advertise a product that is not healthy for the customer.

Organizational behaviour

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Include the following in your summary:

• Explain the connection between organizational behavior and your job skills.
• Discuss how these job skills can lead to improved job performance.
• Explain how Organizational Behavior can aid you in decision-making and problem-solving.
• Predict the consequences of unethical behavior in the workplace.


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

How can retail shrinkage losses be reduced through private and public sector cooperation? (Minimum 650 words, 3 scholarly APA references)

What are the positive and negative implications of technological innovations for security and loss prevention programs?

Assignment 1: Discussion—Finance Organization and Long-Term Planning

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Considering Genesis Energy’s aggressive growth plan, Sensible Essentials suggested that its client should broaden the scope of financing beyond short-term loans and consider long-term financing options. These options would greatly enhance the ability of the operations management team to fund the capital investments and growth in operating expenses.

One option is selling more equity in the company. A public stock offering might be a possibility; however, a company as young and small as Genesis Energy might be hard to value. Sensible Essentials believes that another private investor might require preferred stock dividends in order to mitigate some of the financial risk. Another option is a long-term bank loan.

Acting as the finance expert for Sensible Essentials, respond to the following:
• Determine the cost of debt and equity for Genesis Energy and its weighted average cost of capital. Go to www.yahoofinance.com and look under SEC filings. Use a US publicly traded company, such as Apple, Google, DuPont, etc.
• Identify the sources of long-term financing for Genesis Energy.
• Analyze the potential costs and benefits of each option.
• Explain how relative risk (from the investor’s perspective) impacts the cost of capital for Genesis Energy.
• Determine the cost of debt and equity for Genesis Energy and its weighted average cost of capital.
• Calculate the required rate of return for Genesis Energy using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). What is the required return for Genesis Energy shareholders?

Assignment 1: Discussion—Supply Chain

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

important part of developing and implementing a strategy. There are many products and services today where the target customer is part of the supply chain. The Web sites Wikipedia, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Craig’s List are just a few examples.
Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following:
• Give an example of a product or service where the target customer is part of the supply chain.
• Describe the types of innovations or improvements that have come from involving the target customer in the supply chain.
• Describe the types of information technology mechanisms that have been used to involve the customer in the supply chain.

Assignment 2: Genesis Energy Cash Position Analysis

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The Genesis Energy operations management team is now preparing to implement the operating expansion plan. Previously, the firm’s cash position did not pose a challenge. However, the planned foreign expansion requires Genesis Energy to have a reliable source of funds for both short-term and long-term needs.
One of Genesis Energy’s potential lenders tells the team that in order to be considered as a viable customer, Genesis Energy must prepare and submit a monthly cash budget for the current year and a monthly cash budget for the subsequent year. The lender will review the cash budget and determine whether or not Genesis Energy can meet the loan repayment terms. Genesis Energy’s ability to repay the loan depends not only on sales and expenses but also on how quickly the company can collect payment from customers and how well it manages its supplier terms and other operating expenses. The Genesis Energy team members agreed that being fully prepared with factual data would allow them to maximize their position as well as negotiate favorable financing terms.
The Genesis Energy management team held a brainstorming session to chart a plan of action, which is detailed here.
• Evaluate historical data and prepare assumptions that will drive the planning process.
• Produce a detailed 2 year cash budget that summarizes cash inflow, outflow, and financing needs.
• Identify and compare interest rates, both short-term and long-term, using debt and equity.
• Analyze the financing mix (short/long) and the cost associated with the recommendation.
Since this expansion is critical to Genesis Energy expanding into new overseas markets, the operations management team has been asked to prepare an executive summary with supporting details for Genesis Energy’s senior executives.
Working over a weekend, the management team developed realistic assumptions to construct a working capital budget.
1. Sales: The marketing expert and the newly created customer service personnel developed sales projections based on historical data and forecast research. Please use the sales projections provided in the template. See “Download” in item 1 below.
2. Other cash receipt: Rental income $15,000 per month for Y1 and 20,000 for Y2.
3. Production material: The production manager forecasted material cost based on cost quotes from reliable vendors, the average of which is 45 percent of sales
4. Other production cost: Based on historical cost data, this cost on an average is 30 percent of the material cost and occurs in the month after material purchase
5. Selling and marketing expense: Six percent of sales
6. General and administrative expense: 18 percent of sales
7. Interest payments: $10,000—Payable in December Y1 and $0 payable in December Y2.
8. Tax payments: $15,000—Quarterly due on 1st of April, July, October, and January
9. Minimum cash balance desired: $25,000 per month
10. Cash balance start of month (December): $10,000
11. Available short-term annual interest rate is 8 percent, long-term debt rate is 9 percent, and long-term equity is 10 percent. All funds would be available the first month when the firm encounters a deficit
12. Dividend payment: None
Based on this information, do the following:
1. Using the Cash Budget spreadsheet, calculate detailed company cash budgets for the forthcoming and subsequent year. Summarize the sources and uses of cash, and identify the external financing needs for both the forthcoming and subsequent years.

2. In an executive-level report, summarize the company’s financing needs for the forecast period and provide your recommendations for financing the planned activities. Be sure to comment on the following:
a. Your recommended financing solution and cost to the firm: If Genesis Energy needs operating cash, how should it fund this need? Are there internal policy changes with regard to collections or payables management you would recommend? What types of external financing are available?
b. Your concerns associated with the firm’s cash budget. Is this a sign of weak sales performance or poor cost control? Why or why not?

Assignment 2: LASA 1—Preliminary Strategy Audit

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The end result of this course is developing a strategy audit. In this module, you will outline and draft a preliminary framework for your final product. This provides you with the opportunity to get feedback before a final submission.
In Module 1, you reviewed the instructions for the capstone strategy audit assignment and grading rubric due in Module 5. By now, you have completed the following steps:
• Identified the organization for your report
• Interviewed at least one key mid-level or senior-level manager
• Created a market position analysis
• Conducted an external environmental scan in preparation of your final report and presentation

Ethics III

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Review the Nike case study, which can be viewed by accessing the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5uYCWVfuPQ. Click here view the video transcript. Once you have viewed the case scenario, respond to the following questions, with thorough explanations and wellsupported rationale:
1. These workers state the “only thing they have is their work.” This statement suggests that, without this work, they would have a lower standard of living. Should we inflict western values on this society? Bring in the concepts of social responsibility, integrity, and other business ethics practices.
2. From Nike’s standpoint, is this a fair assessment of their ethical standards? Explain some of the ethical issues that Nike is facing in the case.
3. Research what Nike has done to improve this situation since this 2011 video. Include the use of codes of ethics and other ethical standards implemented within the organization.
4. Is your opinion of Nike any different now after viewing this video?

Discussion Topic: Team Exercise About Outsourcing

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Why have outsourcing initiatives become a key element in shaping functional tactics for today’s global companies? As a team, choose a Fortune 1,000 company that has adopted the use of outsourcing and has done so successfully. Work with your assigned teammates in the Team Discussion Area to create a collaborative post in this Discussion Board addressing the outsourcing question per your team’s company of choice. Support your finding through proper citation.

Implications for theory:3 different implications from the textbook

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What Global Business concept might relate to this story?
How does it relate?


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