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Business Ethics and Decision-Making

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Should a marketing manager or a business refuse to produce an “energy-gobbling” appliance that some consumers are demanding?
Should a firm install an expensive safety device that will increase cost but that customers do not want? Are the same principles involved in both these questions?

Code of Ethics:Identify the provisions that should be included in the code.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Include a real-world example of an instance where a company code has demonstrated social responsibility.
Describe how the company has benefited from the code of conduct or code of ethics.
Describe a real world example of a company or individual who did not adhere to the code of ethics. Identify the consequences to the company and individual.

Wrongful Termination of Employee

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a response to the following:
Wrongful termination of an employee is a frequent complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). To avoid a finding of wrongful termination, organizations must develop policies and procedures that ensure that proper steps are taken that are consistent with regulations and laws. Providing senior leaders with information that is critical to effectively mitigate potential liability is a critical role for HR.
Research the legal issues associated with terminating employees, and prepare an executive-level paper that addresses the issue of wrongful termination, including the following:
Identify the duties and rights of the parties in an employment contract as well as the liabilities of each in the event of noncompliance.
What is the EEOC’s responsibility and process for determining wrongful termination?
Define employment-at-will.
List the policies and procedures you would recommend organizations issue to prevent cases of wrongful termination.

Case Study 9.1: ExxonMobil in Chad and Cameroon*

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In November 1999, ExxonMobil and its CEO Lee Raymond had to determine what course of action to take after two major partners, Royal Dutch/Shell and France’s TotalFinaElf, withdrew from the Chad-Cameroon Oil and Pipeline Project. The project was enormously complex, involving billions of dollars in potential revenue, with a wide variety of stakeholders, an array of critics, and a potentially volatile political and social environment. The situation was further complicated by the history of oil extraction in developing countries and the unbridled corruption that had inevitable ensued. Shell’s and Elf’s pullout threatened to sideline the whole operation and seemed to give credence to those critics who thought that the environmental and human costs of oil exploration and extraction in the extremely poor countries of Chad and Cameroon were too great.Raymond and ExxonMobil had to decide whether to proceed with the project.
1. How should managers think about the environment as part of their decision-making? How much should it matter and how should it be incorporated?
2. If ExxonMobil is truly committed to the environment, is this the last place they should be drilling or exactly where they belong? For those who say they should leave, where else is it OK to drill for oil? For those who say stay, is there anywhere that ExxonMobil should not drill for oil?
3. What about this case and its appeal for ExxonMobil? What are the biggest opportunities and risks for the company?
4. Strategically, what is at stake for the firm and its future operations? How important is it for them to earn recognition for being environmentally responsible?
5. How much does it matter that someone else is likely to partner with the Chad government and develop this oil to your decision here? Especially if they are likely to do a worse job on the environmental issues, does that impact your thinking – and if so, how much?
6. What about the Chad government? Do you ‘own the ethics’ of your business partners? Will ExxonMobil end up suffering for being associated with this government and be seen as supporting its activities? Are they the kind of business partner ExxonMobil wants to do business with?
7. Make the case: vote to stay and invest or leave and make the best arguments for your side.

Business Ethics at Worldcom Accounting Fraud

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a synopsis on accounting fraud at WorldCom.
2. Research and describe the external environment that WorldCom faced during 1999-2000.
3. Identify and describe all ethical dilemmas found at WorldCom.
4. Identify the stakeholders at WorldCom.
5. Briefly describe the culture within the company of WorldCom.
6. Describe the impact of the decisions made at WorldCom to the stakeholders.
7. Write a recommendation to the Board of Directors outlining corrective action for each ethical dilemma that you have identified in question 1, 2, 3, and 4. Be specific and thorough in your description of each dilemma (cite examples at WorldCom.)
8. How would the recommended corrective actions in question 6 impact the stakeholders?
9. Assuming you are the Chief Executive Officer at a Fortune 500 company what questions would you ask Cynthia Cooper in an interview for the Chief Financial Officer position? Would you hire her? Why or why not.

Role of management in organizations: Effectiveness, efficient, ethics, specialization

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Role of management in organizations: Effectiveness, efficient, ethics, specialization
1. Discuss the three reasons to reach objectives to maintain balance with conflicting goals, to achieve efficiency and effectiveness and why management is needed. Be specific and thorough.
2. Briefly describe one specific, real-world example for each of the following:
a. organizational effectiveness
b. organizational ineffectiveness
c. organizational efficiency
d. organizational inefficiency
3. Define managerial ethics. List three common ethical problem areas for managers and provide a specific real-world example of each problem area.
4. Why is the practice of specialization so important to organizations? What are the downsides to specialization?

Ethics in Negotiations: Negotiating has typically been viewed as a no-holds-barred

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Negotiating has typically been viewed as a no-holds-barred game of liar’s poker.
Explain the role of ethics in negotiations.
Describe situations where it might not be best to take complete advantage of the other side in negotiations.
Evaluate the win-win approaches to negotiations that watch for the best interests of both parties.
Assess if ethical negotiations and win-win negotiations are feasible in the real world. Support your opinion with a recent real-life example such as UAW/Chrysler.

Master of Business Admin

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Read “American Airlines,” located in Chapter 24 of the textbook, Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach.American Airlines announced a new pricing strategy that they believed would address concerns and benefit the company. Conduct further research on American Airlines’ value pricing. Analyze American Airline’s structure and decision to implement value pricing and discuss the following (750-1,000 words):
1. Discuss the decision behind American Airlines developing and implementing value pricing to gain more market shares.
2. Evaluate the impact competitors and additional economic factors had on the results of the value pricing strategy. What factors contributed to the advantages and disadvantages of this new pricing strategy.
3. Provide alternative recommendations to the value pricing strategy that would result in a different outcome when implementing the strategy.

Business ethics: Workplace privacy issues

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Employee monitoring practices are often implemented without an employee’s consent or awareness. With technological advances making a wide variety of stealth monitoring techniques available, organizations face a challenging balancing act considering legitimate business concerns while respecting their employees’ right to privacy. In this assignment, you will discuss the issue of workplace privacy with your fellow students.
First read the transcript of the NPR story on workplace cheating.
Read the transcript attached of the National Public Radio feature “Shirking Work”
Then examine the following four areas of workplace privacy according to the guidelines listed below:
Drug testing
Email privacy
Telephone conversation privacy
Personal privacy
Write an essay answering the following questions:
What promotes the differing views managers and employees have on privacy issues?
What should a company have access to regarding an employee’s personal life, and what is not reasonable?

Ethics at Work Heritage Valley Hospital

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

A project on “Heritage Valley Hospital” located in Sewickley PA on ethical behaviors and fundamental changes in the hospital organization. I think the ethical policy is within the website. I need 3 or 4 pages answering the following questions. Can you assist.
Identified and analyzed an ethical case in the organization within the working hospital environment.
Analyzed whether or not the organization has a reliable system in place to handle ethical issues.
Analyzed and discussed whether the organization encourages people to come forward when they notice discrepancies between the organization’s policy and practice.
Analyzed the way the situation is handled when people point out discrepancies between the organization’s policy and practice.
Analyzed and discussed if people are rewarded and respected for taking a stand.
Analyzed and discussed the recommendations for a basic approach to ethical problem solving for issues arising at work, in case the organization does not encourage disclosing problems when they arise.


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