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SWK-771 Social Work With Indivduals

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Paper includes the following:
• APA Format
• Properly and completely documented throughout
• Discussion supported with theories, models, and or approaches and empirical support (three)
• Readings should be current and not more than 10 years old
• Some classic source may be included but limited

Paper should address the following statements:
A. Identify and discuss a model, technique and or approach used with children with behavior problems using the literature and empirical supports that you have found
B. Demonstrate how the model, technique, and approach is appropriate for social work with the individual. Discuss how you understand that the model, technique, and approach work
C. Add to your discussion the significance of diversity (gender) to the implementation of the intervention strategy that you have select. Include your professional recommendation for future work with the individual



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