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Step 1. Initial Post (Due Friday, 5/11)
After completing this week’s reading assignment (Chapters 1 & 2 in Negotiation: Closing Deals, Settling Disputes, and Making Team Decisions), post to the discussion board the most important ideas you learned from the readings and a genuine question you have about this reading assignment.
• Your posting should include 2 bullet points.
o The 1st bullet point should be an important idea from this week’s readings (at least a substantial paragraph (+150 words) in length).
o The 2nd bullet point should be a genuine question that you have about this week’s reading assignment.
• Your Initial post is due Friday by midnight; however, you may post earlier than the deadline to get the class discussion going. Waiting until the last minute does not allow your colleagues a lot of time to respond.
• Students should read the assigned material carefully and deeply. Examples of quality learning postings include demonstrating that you have analyzed facts or data, brought to light important issues, synthesized key points, or evaluated certain issues. Both the quality and the frequency of your engagement is important.
Step 2: Response Posts (Due Sunday, 5/13)
Engage in the online blog (discussion board) by reviewing what your colleagues have written and respond to their entries. You may post as many responses as you would like. At least 2 response posts are required.
• Post at least 2 responses to the discussion board.
• Each response post should be a paragraph (75+ words) in length.
• Response postings are due Sunday by midnight
• Response posts should be thoughtful and meaningful.
• Everyone is responsible for establishing a positive and supportive learning environment. Examples of positive and supportive learning environments include: expressing gratitude for student colleagues and faculty (even when the learning is challenging), expressing tolerance for differences, forgiving others of shortcomings, helping others succeed in a kind and supportive manner, bringing integrity, honesty, and authenticity to our learning environment, and being compassionate for one another as we help each other learn.



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