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Global Politics

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All students will write a news journal online in Blackboard as part of their grade for this course. The news journal has several purposes, the most important of which is to increase your awareness of global news and to develop information literacy regarding current topics of global politics. For each week of class you should prepare a response and analysis of one news story on international politics from the New York Times. Your journal entries are due on each Tuesday at 9 a.m. Each short response should accomplish the following:
1. Discuss why you have chosen this piece (what interests you about this particular story)
2. Clearly illustrate that this story has global political significance by relating the article to concepts and ideas discussed in class in a clear manner
3. Unpack the article and respond to it, you may use the following set of questions as a guide for what to include in your response. (What do you think about the story and the conclusion the author draws, does this conclusion make sense given the information presented? What assumptions has the author made? Why are these assumptions problematic? Do you sense any bias on the part of the author? What is missing in the piece, what else do you need to know?)
When you write a response, include a link in your piece to the article in the NYT.



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