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Sociology 100 Paper

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1. Status Set:

a. List five statuses that you currently have.
o Remember: A status is simply a position you fill in society. It may be a job title, but it could also include a position you fill within a family or a community. For more information, review Section 4.3 in your webtext.
b. Label each status as either ascribed, achieved, or master.
o Remember: An ascribed status is one you’re born with and have no control over. An achieved status is reached through your own efforts or simply good or bad luck. A master status is so important that it overrides your other statuses. For more information, review Section 4.3 in your webtext.

2. Roles:

a. Choose one status from your list.

b. Describe the role that is associated with the status.
c. Describe how you learned that role.

3) Role Conflict:

a. Describe a time when you experienced a conflict because of the demands of two different roles associated with any of your statuses.
b. Describe the approach you took to resolve the conflict. What was the result? Would you do things differently next time?



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