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Systematic Information Systems In Realstate Australia: Challenges, Issues, Benefit, Difficulties And Recommendation.

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Conduct research on strategic information systems e.g. (AIS/ERP) for your client. Your team is required to pick a case study in the area of Real state Australia. Then prepare a Business Report for the client detailing the processes of selecting an information system (AIS/ERP) to help them to make informed decision for investment in information
system to take their business to the next level including:
1. Compare and contrast the issues and challenges that face strategic information systems planners.
Your answer should clearly discuss the issues each sector (private or public) face when managing IT/IS strategically.

2. Critically evaluate whether or not an IS Strategy may help the realtor/development companies to achieve a competitive advantage.
If an IS Strategy can help the organisation achieve a competitive advantage – how might the realtor/development company sustain such an advantage?

3. What approaches could an the realtor/development company adopt when attempting to develop innovative uses of strategic IS?

4. Choose either Outsourcing or End User Computing, as a strategic option. Critically discuss how
the Director of IT/IS of the real state company would manage the strategic option you have chosen.

5. Evaluate the statement that: Strategic Information Systems can add business value to the organization through IT/IS.
Your answer should include relevant case evidence that supports your arguments.

6. Critically discuss what constitutes having a ‘good’ internal control in a contemporary and complex business world.
Your answer should cover how real state company could develop an
internal control strategy so that they are not exposed to excessive risks or behaviours that could harm their reputation
for honesty and integrity of their staff.




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