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Species Interactions and You

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Part A
Complete the following:
Track your interactions with other organisms—between and within species—for one day. Summarize your interactions throughout the day, using the terms from this module’s readings. If required, review the module’s readings again. At a minimum, identify ten interactions that you witnessed or participated in today. Among those interactions, you should be able to identify a predatory-prey relationship, a competitive relationship, and a mutualism. You could also identify parasitic relationships or commensalisms, if you choose. Although you can repeat interaction types—for instance, you can have multiple mutualisms—the examples must differ. These are some examples: Did you have a predatory-prey relationship with a chicken today? That is, did you eat chicken for lunch? Did you have a competitive relationship with a coworker today? That is, were you competing for a raise? Click here to download this template to track interactions with organisms.
Part B
Respond to the following:
For every interaction you identified above, describe an interaction in nature that is similar to what you experienced or witnessed. For example, if you had a predatory-prey interaction with your meal, identify and describe an example of a predatory-prey interaction in nature. Or, if you had a competitive interaction with your coworker, identify and describe a competitive interaction in nature. Using the information you reviewed, explain why it is important to recognize these interactions. Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references.
Using the information that you compiled above, summarize your interactions for the day. Be sure to classify your interactions (parasitic, mutualism, etc.) and that you also determine if the interactions are considered intraspecific or interspecific.
Write your initial response in a minimum of 300–350 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.



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