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CA499–week one questions

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For this first assignment, start by writing about the two disciplines you will intertwine in your paper and revealing your topic choice. You can see the Disciplines List in the Course Announcements. You will be using peer-reviewed research from the Grantham Library to support all of your points i your research paper. This is strictly a research paper/project. For this particular assignment, you will not be using your own opinion. The paper will be written in the third person using APA style and APA format. Continue your assignment by completing the checklist provided on pages 47 and 48 of the text. Answer questions 1-4 on the checklist, and explain your choices.
1. have you read enough literature relevant to your topic to know that your research project is worth your time and effort?
a. will the project advance the frontiers of knowledge in an important way
b. have you asked an expert in your field to advise you on the value of your research effort?
2. have you looked at your research problem from all angles to minimize unwanted surprises?
a. what is good about your potential paper
b. what are the pitfalls of attempting this research effort?
3. what research procedure will you follow?
a. do you have a tentative plan to review the literature
b. do you have a tentative plan for data collection
c. do you have a tentative plan for data analysis
d. do you have a tentative plan to interpret the data you collect?
4. what research tools are available for you to use? make a list and check their availability. determine how you will use them
5. ask two or three peers to read your proposal. do they understand what you are proposing to do? what questions do they have? what concerns do they express?



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