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You are a consultant working for LMJ-Ad, Inc. As part of an initiative to make executives more aware of your process and mechanisms used in a digital investigation, you have been asked to prepare a presentation that highlights the history of cybercrime with examples of how computer criminals were caught, how the legal system can be brought into the process in the event criminal or civil law apply, and how best to use the investigative process to mitigate potential problems raised through the court system.
Prepare a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation that contains speaker notes and your voice audio clip summarizing your best practices and recommendations for digital investigation techniques. Be sure to address the following:
• Comparison of cybercrime types
• Historical perspective of cybercrime and the differences between insider and external perpetrators
• Compare and contrast two different examples representative of cybercrime with details regarding how the criminals were caught
• Detailed explanations about the investigative process
• Descriptions of the legal system and its part in the process
• Summation of best practices and recommendations



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