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1. Read the following paper:

Turner, N. J. (2016). “We give them seaweed”: Social economic exchange and resilience in Northwestern North America. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 15(1), 5 – 15. Retrieved from http://nopr.niscair.res.in/handle/123456789/33546

a. (12 marks) Write a 3-2-1 report in the usual fashion using the form on the course web site.

b. (3 marks) The Canadian government has often limited Indigenous hunting and fishing to a small, subsistence scale: “that which could be consumed by the fisher [or hunter] and his or her family” (Douglas Harris, quoted in First Nations Studies Program (2009)). Based on what you learned from reading the article, is small-scale ‘food fishing/hunting’ of this type enough to preserve Indigenous cultures and traditional ways of life? Explain your reasoning.



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