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UNIV 104 Article Evaluation

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Purpose: In this assignment,you will applythe skills you learned from Chapter 8 of the textbook, and the course presentation on research. You must review this material before beginning the assignment.While you will not need to write an actual paper for this assignment, you will need to demonstrate your ability to conduct a search on the Jerry Falwell Library website, evaluate an article for quality and credibility, and cite your sources with integrity. (Syllabus MLOs: B, C, E and Module 5 LOs: 2, 3, 4)

Instructions: In this assignment, you willlocate, evaluate, and cite an article for a pretendresearch paper. Specific steps for this assignment include:

• Choose a topic to research from the options in Step 1.
• Search for and locate an appropriate article for your paper. Your article must be:
o Appropriate for writing a paper on the chosen topic (relevant).
o Written by a credible author.
o Scholarly in nature.
o Current for the field of research—in this instance, no more than 5years old.
o Objectively written.
• Evaluate your article for quality and credibility.
• Cite your source with integrity.



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