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ITC 3840 Maintaining Microcomputer Systems l

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For this assignment, you will start with “Lab Exercise 2.03: Integrating Safety into the Workplace” on pages 18-20 of your lab manual.
1. Complete Step 1. 2. In Step 2, do #1 and #2. 3. Add the following to your presentation: Include slides that provide images of a person wearing an anti-static wrist strap and installing components into a PC. Include slides that illustrate how to fill out an MSDS. Include slides that illustrate how to properly dispose of computer components.
Your PowerPoint presentation must address all of the following:
1. Illustrate the results of your research in a minimum of seven slides. 2. The first slide must be a title slide that includes the title of the presentation, date, your name, and course name and number. 3. The last slide must be a reference slide using APA formatting. You are required to use at least one resource from the CSU(Columbia Southern)Online Library. 4. Use the speaker notes section to discuss your slides so that the reader may follow along. 5. Be sure to include in-text citations and reference(s) in APA format to properly cite your sources.



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