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The Software Development Company wants to develop software for internal use. The company hired you to develop a Visual Studio® C# .NET Framework (not .NET Core) Console Application displaying a Software Development Company Welcome message on the console.
Using Visual Studio® and relating C# programming concepts, write a program that displays a welcome message on the console.
Review debugging in Lesson 2, “An Introduction to C# and .NET” of the Pluralsight course C# Fundamentals with Visual Studio 2015.
Demonstrate basic debugging capabilities by inserting breakpoints in the code. Run the program in debug mode and provide a screenshot showing the use of the breakpoints. The program should have the following characteristics:
• Compile and Execute without errors
• Meets specifications by displaying a welcome message on the console
• Logic flow is clear, concise, and effective
• User inputs and outputs should be clear on screen
• Appropriate indentation to logically illustrate program structure
• Identifiers logically describe use
• Naming conventions are consistent
• Comments and headers to explain processing that is not obvious



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