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You’ve done a tremendous amount of planning, research, and strategizing in your role as the task force leader. It’s now time to bring it all together. You will create a presentation in which you synthesize your research and recommendations from the first three assignments.

As you know, the ability to create and deliver strong presentations is a critical skill for all managers, leaders, and employees. You can improve this skill through practice. In this final assignment, you will have the opportunity to hone your presentation skills.

PREPARATION 1. Decide which method of presentation you will use: PowerPoint with narration, where you use Kaltura to record your screen as you talk (screencast), or a video presentation in which you use your webcam and Kaltura to record yourself presenting. Make time to practice!

2. Prepare by reviewing these resources: a. Structuring an Effective Presentation b. How to Deliver an Effective Presentation c. Death by PowerPoint d. Creating and Submitting Video Assignments Using the Kaltura Desktop App

ASSIGNMENT 4 INSTRUCTIONS Create a PowerPoint slide presentation with narration (8-10 slides recommended) or a 5-7 minute video presentation (do not exceed 7 minutes, as this may present file size issues) for the Board of Directors.



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