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The following elements must be addressed in your Strategic Plan Create an introduction to your Strategic Plan. ◦State the purpose of the strategic plan as a manifestation of strategic thinking. ◦Provide an overall picture of the legal policies and Constitutional mandates related to the organization and how these impact strategic planning. ◦Explain the value of strategic thinking and strategic planning in developing ethics in order to evaluate ethical issues and maintain an ethical organization. •Explain the basic issues of employment and policy law and how those issues have influenced the event(s) in your chosen scenario. Evaluate the impact of these issues and recommend specific organizational changes that will address them and provide a rationale for your suggestions. Use your research to support your statements. •. Analyze the implementation of legal policies and constitutional mandates as they pertain to the organization in the chosen scenario. Determine if all applicable legal policies and constitutional mandates are in place and are being adhered to. In the case that all policies and mandates are satisfactorily addressed, describe how the situation could have occurred. If you identify issues with the policies and mandates, recommend strategies for implementation within your strategic plan that will address these problems. •Evaluate ethical issues as they pertain to the event(s) in your chosen scenario. Examine how employment law affects ethics. Within your strategic plan, analyze specific laws and the impacts they have that either support or hinder ethical leadership. Recommend the necessary steps to address these ethical issues in order to both reinforce the positive influences and mitigate or eliminate the negative influences on organizational ideology and behavior, both now and in the future. The Strategic Plan •Must be 12 to 15 double-spaced pages in length



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