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HTML Web Page Design Assignment

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1. Use Internet Explorer to locate an image on the Internet that you wish to place on your home page.
a. Place your mouse pointer over the image you wish to include in your home page and press the Right mouse button. Because the HTML code you will be writing assumes a JPG image, we will first check if the image you chose is a JPG image. Click on the Properties option. The file name within the properties window should have a file name extension indicating that it is a JPG image. If it does not, find another image that is in a JPG format.
b. Cancel the Properties window and right click on the image. A menu will appear on the screen. Click on the Save Picture As option
c. The Save in dialog window is now open. In the Save in box at the top of the dialog window click on the down arrow to navigate to the folder or drive you want to store the image (flash drive, desktop, My documents, etc…)

d. You will also want to change the name of the image you are about to save. The name of the image will be myimage [all one word]. To change the name of the image move to the File Name box and highlight the current file name. As you begin typing the new file name the previous name will be deleted.



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