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Cultural Competence is an essential aspect of counselor training.

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Cultural Competence is an essential aspect of counselor training. In order to begin to understand a culture, it is essential to have sustained interaction with the culture. For the final project for this course, each student will be responsible for actively investigating multicultural issues in the “real world,” by gradually immersing in a culture different from their own. The immersion project will involve experiential learning about other cultures. The intent is to increase your knowledge and sensitivity to other cultures. In order to complete this project successfully, you will need to work on it throughout the entire course. As part of the project, each of you will select a culture different from your own and participate in at least three distinct cultural immersion experiences/observations within that culture. The idea is to gradually immerse into the different culture over the course of the term. You may use the list of suggestions below to guide your immersion process or you can devise some ideas of your own. It is essential that each experience is qualitatively different from that of your own culture and that the experiences gradually become more involved directly with the culture of choice.



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