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Essay Question: Use the INTRODUCTION section in your textbook as a guide for how to write about art works in your essay. Select ONE art work from the Chapter in your textbook on Greek art/architecture, OR select ONE art work from the Chapter in your textbook on Roman art/architecture. *Using the Intro. to your textbook, discuss the work you have selected. For example, identify how old it is, what culture it comes from, whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional, what it is made of, HOW it was made (do some research into the techniques or materials), what it was made for (if we know or have theories). Use dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias- check what things mean before you write about them. This is a simple exercise in how to look at and how to write about art works. Lastly, mention why you chose the art work selected for discussion. Demonstrate that you have read BOTH the Greek and Roman art Chapters and reference the other culture, for example, although you do not have to write a compare/contrast essay, mention what differences or characteristics in common, that one might observe in works from the two cultures. • Begin with an Introduction paragraph, stating the purpose of your paper and identifying the example(s) you have selected, discuss art example(s) in the body of the essay, and write a Conclusion paragraph for the paper, followed by Works Cited.



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