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Data Collection Methods

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There are 3 main ways to collect data: asking questions, making observations, or using existing data. But a combination is also often utilized. The data collection methods include:

Survey research (asking questions) Field research (making observations) Existing Data ( Secondary Analysis) Combination of methods (referred to as triangulation) Using the four data collection method options above, complete the following for each of the scenarios below:

Identify and describe the one best method to collect information for the scenarios (choices cannot be used more than once), and

Justify your reasoning for selecting this data collection method by evaluating the method and why it is the best choice out of the other four.

Scenario 1: Describe police officer perceptions on the effectiveness of wearing body cameras.

Scenario 2: Conduct a hot-spot analysis on 911 calls for domestic violence.

Scenario 3: Describe the prevalence of stalking in a small Midwest city.

Scenario 4: Describe the nature and scope of prostitution at truck stops along I-95.




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