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Being able to communicate effectively with employees and other stakeholders is an important skill for a leader or manager. Getting your point across is essential.
Using the Argosy University online library resources, locate and read the following article:
• Rodman, L. (2001). You-attitude: A linguistic perspective. Business Communication Quarterly, 64(4), 9–25.
Complete the following:
• Use the Internet to locate two passages that are examples of business communication. Analyze and evaluate the passages.
• Use the principles discussed in the article You-Attitude: A Linguistic Perspective, to rephrase the passages in a manner that increases communication efficacy.
• List the principles you used in each passage and explain how and why they have enhanced communication.
Write a 3 page paper and include the selected passages, the rephrased passages, and a double-spaced one-page list of the communication principles used for each passage along with the rationale behind their usage.




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