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Reread pages 397—404, “Informal Fallacies,” in Writing Arguments and review the hand out from Yourlogicalfallacyis.com. Think about when you have encountered fallacies in your life. Think about times when you have both perpetrated fallacies and times when you have accepted fallacies. Pick a prominent example. Please notice I do not want you to invent a fallacy.
Using what you have learned about fallacies, analyze the example you have selected. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Be sure to identify which fallacy you have chosen from those in the text or from the handout. Draw conclusions and explain how you plan to use your newfound skills in the future.
Although content is going to be primary, organization, spelling, and grammar are also important. Ensure that they are all under your control before you hand anything in. In other words, I expect you to do College Level writing. You should use this as an opportunity to show off your ability to think clearly, precisely, and logically, as well as write elegantly! Treat all your writing as if it were a job application. It is hard for me to imagine that you could even begin to cover this topic in less than 750 words. To ensure a good grade you will probably want to do more!



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