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Prepare: Begin your discussion post by viewing the CBS video, CBS Morning News “Plagiarism” story Then, review 6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism and Generally Be a Cool Person Write: After watching the video, describe your reaction to the video and the implications to your own work. What did you learn about the seriousness of plagiarism and how did this video change (or not) your understanding of it? Do you know of any other instances of plagiarism either in school or beyond? Next, read the scenarios below that highlight some of the most common plagiarism issues at the college level. The scenario is assigned to you by the first initial of your last name in the chart below. Carefully read the scenario and respond as directed. Scenario 3: Fabrication Shawn is assigned a paper on biases in the judicial system. Shawn is having difficulty figuring out where to find sources for this topic. He has searched online and once briefly in the Ashford University Library databases but has not found what he is looking for: statistics of the number of people currently in jail in the United States versus 10 years ago. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, Shawn decides that he knows enough about this topic to guess an average number. He writes, “The number of incarcerated males in America has increased by 10% in the last 10 years.” Write a paragraph of advice for Shawn explaining why creating a fact statistic is wrong and what he should do differently next time. Explain to Shawn what he should have done in this situation instead of fabricating a statistic. Your initial post should contain a minimum of 350 words and be written in complete sentences. It must answer all aspects of the prompt (refer to “Think about it this way” below). Demonstrate what you learned in the APA Skill Activity this week by citing your sources correctly.



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