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The average water usage for the above home is about 100 gallons of hot, and 100 gallons of cold water per day throughout the year. The home is equipped with a gas dryer and hot water heater. The range and oven are electric. The home is a 5000 ft2 colonial (evenly distributed between the 1st and 2nd floors, which are perfect squares). The residence has a full uninsulated basement. 1. Looking over the usage history, are there any months where you would NOT consider the data? Indicate which and also why. 2. Based on usage that does NOT remain inside the enclosure (hot water goes down the drain, dryer heat goes out a vent, etc), make another table below the above that reflects these losses and thus tallies the load remaining in the enclosure. Do this for gas and electric with the assumption that only 8% of electric usage is for exterior lighting (which is not a load here). 3. If there are 6 people living in this enclosure with an occupancy rate averaging 88% (typical percentage, you would expect for a family with young children. Adult occupants spend less time in any enclosure), calculate the occupant load in units of Btu/hr. 4. Look up average outside temperatures for the above months online (true AVERAGE temps, not averages of the maximums or minimums each month). Location is Rochester, MI 5. From the usage and temperature histories, back out a value for UoAo. Note: you should strive to calculate a value for each month (hint: make another table!). You will see that there is great variation in the value, but also that there is a reason for this. What months would you exclude from the average and why? (hint: on your UoAo table, color in the cells that are excluded and make a color key listing the reason(s))



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