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Week 4 Project: Laws and Innovations

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In the first week of the course, you looked at the high number of inmates in the United States. For this assignment, imagine you are a staff member working for a US senator. The senator saw your presentation and has asked you for a report explaining how this situation came about.
In a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document cover these points:
• Describe the legislative changes that affected the lengths of sentences being handed down. You should include:
o Minimum mandatory sentences
o Truth-in-Sentencing laws
o Three Strikes laws
o Sentencing guidelines
o Sentencing enhancements
• How have these legislative changes affected the prison population in the United States?
• Are the truth-in-sentencing laws and three-strike laws good innovations? Are there any drawbacks to these laws? Specifically, consider the impact of these laws on the safety of police and correctional officers.



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