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Examine the five phases of project management. You must focus on the integration of project management as applicable to either a law enforcement or corrections organization. If you opt to focus on the integration of project management from a law enforcement perspective, your task is to select a project suitable to policing highlighted in your text. Suitable law enforcement projects might include the purchasing of firearms, development of a new policing strategy, implementation of marketing strategies, or the creation of branding schemes. Ultimately, the choice of which project you examine is entirely up to you. If you opt to focus on corrections, your task is to examine the ways inmate leasing was addressed by correctional agencies as highlighted in the Ball (2014) article. Inmate leasing programs were an integral part of corrections for many years. Such programs did not fully die out until well into the 20th Century. These programs served important financial and economic purposes for the agencies and local economies in which the inmates were leased to work. You must examine the practice of inmate leasing programs. In your initial post: •Identify each phase of your law enforcement or corrections agency project and provide a working definition for them. •Explain how the basics of budget management and preparation are affected by the integration of project management. •Analyze how the technical aspects of budgeting and finance are integrated into the various phases of project management for your organization. •Evaluate financial constraints that can arise during the integration of project management.



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