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MLA STYLE Minimum of 900 words. Choose one of the following topics: 1. Write a comparison/contrast of any two works we have read and discussed so far (such as the poems of Dickinson or the stories of Poe or Hawthorne). Use one of the outline formats discussed in class (block comparison or alternating comparison). You may compare works not discussed in class but please consult me in advance. Use an article from a UCC Library database to support your argument. Course Learning Outcomes Achieved Produce a well-defined thesis on a literary topic pertinent to the course and develop it into an effective and well-organized essay Demonstrate in writing the skills of grammar and style in discipline-specific contexts Integrate the reading, analysis, and discussion of literature into writing processes Complete research that distinguishes among a variety of resources based on the standard criterion Produce a research paper specific to the humanities to demonstrate competency in ethical thinking and information literacy



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