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Major Shifts in Federal Juvenile Policy

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Major Shifts in Federal Juvenile Policy Before starting this assignment, you should have read the following article.
Steinberg, L. (2017). Adolescent brain science and juvenile justice policymaking. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. 23(4). American Psychological Association.
Abstract: The American legal system’s thinking about the criminal culpability of juveniles has been radically transformed over the past 12 years, largely as a result of the introduction of developmental science into the United States Supreme Court’s deliberations about the appropriate sentencing of adolescents who have been convicted of the most serious crimes.
Directions: For this Assignment, you will examine the major shifts in Federal Juvenile policy and how they have been transformed by developmental science.
Write a 1-2 page essay that:
Identifies the four major shifts in Federal Juvenile policy since the 1960s to the present. Discusses each of the four major shifts in Federal Juvenile policy. Describes how the four major shifts in the Federal Juvenile policy were transformed by developmental science. Examines the role that developmental science has played in Federal juvenile policy transformation. Discusses how the juvenile policy transformation has been applied in sentencing of juveniles. Provide examples to support your position.



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