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Week 2 paper research preparation.

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1- Proposed Thesis Based on your Proposed Topic from week 1 and the reading you’ve been doing about writing a research paper, create a Proposed Thesis statement for your research paper. The thesis should be specific, explicit, and should lay out the exact argument or main idea you want your paper to express. Check out this helpful link https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html at the Purdue OWL.
Outline Prepare an outline of your research paper. Please see Developing an Outline for help and info on creating an outline. This should be a thorough outline written in complete sentences. It is not very important for the purposes of this class that you master the exact style and format of a formal outline. It is important that you demonstrate an understanding of the progress your argument will take from the beginning to the end of the paper, and that you have a logically organized and global plan of action for the entire paper.



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