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Case study- theoretical framework

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Mrs. M emigrated from India with her husband 20 years ago. They have three grown children. Mrs. M was referred for services by her primary care physician, who was worried about her depression and stress, caused primarily because her mother in India had just been turned down for a second green card and visa. Mrs. M’s mother had lived with them when the children were teenagers and had returned to India without renewing her green card. Mrs. M was alternately angry with her mother over her negligence and worried about how she could take care of her now.
Now, select a counseling or theoretical framework and briefly describe how you would apply the selected framework to the case study. Discuss any ethical or legal principles that could impact your approach to this case.

You will only need to select one or two counseling or theoretical framework from below:
1. Decisional Theory
2. Person-Centered
3. Brief Counseling
4. Cognitive Behavioral Theory
5. Psychodynamic/ Interpersonal theory
6. Multicultural Counseling and Therapy (MCT)



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