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Module 3 Lasa Public Health

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In this assignment, you will create a change management plan for a specific public health organization.
In Module 1, you identified a public health department or organization and created an outline for a change management plan. In this module, you will:
• Gather information about this organization through a fact-finding mission;
• Conduct an interview; and
• Prepare a PowerPoint presentation.
You must complete all three of the following parts to complete this assignment:
Part 1: Research
Provide organizational information by visiting its website or the organization in person. Areas you should gather information about include:
• Type of facility status [Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Rural Health Clinic (RHC), or Community Health Clinic (CHC)]
• Organizational mission/goals/objectives
• Geographic area served
• Financial condition/statistics, including utilization of grant funds
• Patient demographics
• Public health services offered
• Size/mix of staff
• Status of accreditation (if any)
• Description of physical facilities
Part 2: Interview
Follow up your initial research with an interview of a key manager who works at your chosen public health organization. Provide a more detailed picture of internal operations.
Part 3: Presentation
Your presentation should include the following two components:
• Analyze information about the organization to inform the change implementation plan.
• Make recommendations based on the analysis of information.



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