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English Composition II – Week #4 Assignment 1

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Step 2:

Write a summary of the article. Your summary should meet the following guidelines:

Is between 150 and 250 words(no longer)
Includes direct quotations and paraphrased passages from the text which are cited in APA in-text citation style
Uses attributive tags that but establishes him or her as an authority in the field of study
Avoids personal opinion
Is written clearly, concisely, and accurately
Is written solely in third-person
Includes an APA style References page
Has been closely edited so that it contains few or no mechanical errors
Step 3:

Summary Exercise Checklist

Use these questions to evaluate your essay against the assignment requirements:

Does this summary meet the assignment criteria?
Does your summary present the main ideas in the original article?
Does this summary use effective transitions as it progresses from sentence to sentence?
Does this summary avoid personal opinion, casual language, or first or second person language?
Is there anything in this summary that could have been left out without losing its effect?
Is the summary effective? Does information need to be added or deleted to complete the assignment?



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