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Personal Narrative essay #1

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Personal Narrative (Essay #1)
Be sure that you have reviewed the Discussion forum about personal narrative writing and important elements (one life-changing moment, vivid details, strong narrator…), the assignment requirements in this attachment, use MLA format for the structure of the essay itself, and have carefully read the three personal narratives, “Salvation,” “American History,” and “Looking for Work,” for ideas. There is also a student sample essay in this folder and other links for inspiration. I highly recommend listening to stories on The Moth to get inspired and generate other ideas about how to approach this assignment. This is a story, so use your storytelling skills! Evoke the senses and feelings through details.
Here are some helpful guiding questions as well: 1. What does it look like, smell like, feel like? (Use your 5 senses whenever possible). 2.What example or experience can I use to illustrate the point I am making? 3. What is my evidence of this moment? Is it vivid and full of imagery? 4. What comparison (analogy) can I make so that it is clearer? 5. Why does this matter? What is my purpose of including this? 6. How does this fit into the larger story? 7. How can I restate this so it is more interesting and dynamic?



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