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1. Define the problem
Write succinctly what the problem in this case study is (select your focus. You are not required to sum up all problem areas).

2. Set clear objectives
What are your desired outcomes? What do you want to accomplish? Choose 1 – 3 objectives. Make sure they are SMART objectives!

3. Identify root causes
What problems are at the root of the issues discussed in the case study (and defined in question 1)? Be succinct and to the point.

4. Determine the most appropriate research method to collect data
What data collection methods are aligned with your project goal? What measurement instruments will you be using? What sample will you be using to collect the data from? How are you going to collect the data (in person or electronic, during working hours, …)?

5. Report the results and recommend a plan of action
Provide a structural or procedural change the organization should make, based on the information provided.

Part 2)

As either an internal or external HR practitioner, you are approached by the manager of a team that has been experiencing a number of problems related to accountability. Team members are not passing on key pieces of information to one another; they are leaving tasks and projects unfinished or are missing deadlines; and they are reluctant to help each other out when another is struggling with a task (“that’s not my job”). The manager tells you that with your expertise that you should be able to fix this problem within a week or so. You know that to identify the root cause of these challenges and thus intervene effectively, that you will need to proceed more systematically, and collect and analyze data. How will you respond to the manager to help him/her understand that a quick fix would not be effective?



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