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Crime Media Assignment

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Crime Media Assignment: Students are required to complete a 4-6 page, double-spaced critical examination of a crime movie, television show (3-4 episodes) or series of news articles/podcasts (approximately 3-4) about a specific criminal case. TV shows and movies may be fictional or reality-based. If you opt to focus on news articles or podcasts, be sure to select something from a reputable source. Students examining U.S.-based crime media should be aware, however, that they are required to note obvious differences between the U.S. and Canadian criminal justice systems.
The primary objective of this assignment is to apply criminological concepts to the stories covered in your media sources
Provide a very brief synopsis of the movie, tv show episodes, articles or podcast(s) (do not assume that your marker is knowledgeable about your source, but also do not over describe it).
Draw on key concepts from the textbook to explain or examine aspects of the media portrayal. This may include:
How one might use such concepts to explain the behavior of the perpetrator represented in the media.
How are the victim(s) and the perpetrator(s) represented? Are any stereotypes relied upon in communicating their guilt or innocence?
What are the broader messages about crime and its commission being communicated by the move/show/broadcast?



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