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Prepare Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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Chose 1 out of these two questions and let me know which you chose ok If you have used project management software tools to assist in scheduling a project, please share your experiences by describing the following: o The name of the software application and a link to the web site where your colleagues can find additional background information o The types of projects on which the software application was used o Your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the tool in assisting the scheduling process o Any feedback you have received from the project team and stakeholders on the use of the tool o Any additional observations and recommendations that would be helpful to share with your colleagues If you have not had an opportunity to use project management software tools, please investigate Gantt Project using the media resources for this Week and describe the following: o The features and functions included in Gantt Project that you feel would be most helpful in managing and controlling the project schedule o Any challenges you anticipate in using this tool o Additional questions you would like your colleagues to respond to during the rest of the week to assist you in preparing for the use of this tool in Week 4



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