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Dilemma 1: Hugo is your employee, and is from Germany. The only time he can get his family on the phone are during work hours. He often spends longer than 30 minutes speaking to his family on his personal phone. Dilemma 2: Ilona was working with Jane on a project and did most of the work. Jane took the project to management without Ilona, and did not mention that Ilona had done any work. Jane got quite a bit of praise at their next meeting that Ilona was an attendee at. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word reflection paper in which you discuss the following: Identify, for each dilemma, the obstacles faced when attempting to maintain ethical standards while respecting the cultural environment in which it operates. How did you overcome these obstacles? What factors did you considering when deciding on the plan of action to overcome the obstacles presented? Describe each ethical dilemma that manifested in this situation and the ethical perspectives associated with each. Are there always trade-offs in ethical decisions? How do you arrive at a win-win situation? Describe the effect relationships can have on the perception and implementation of rules in different cultures.




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