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Innovative Treatment Strategies

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In this Final Project, write a 5 page research paper using APA style and a minimum of three outside sources, in which you select one of the innovative treatment strategies that was covered this term (listed below).
Family-based treatments (such as Functional Family Therapy) Juvenile diversion Wraparound Multisystemic therapy Wilderness programs Restorative justice Juvenile assessment centers Job readiness Teen court Juvenile mental health and/or drug court Discuss the following information in your paper:
The offender population which the treatment program is designed to serve. How the treatment addresses risk and protective factors and/or special needs of offenders. The service providers and team members that should be involved in the treatment. How to address any potential complications with implementation of the program. A case study example of the program in practice (can be fictional, but must be realistic and credible). Conclude by summarizing how your selected approach can utilize a case management approach to provide a comprehensive individualized treatment program.



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