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Week 7

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Cash budgeting and short term asset management are critical to keeping a company solvent and understanding short term financing needs. Dividends are a way to reward investors and have unique characteristics that influence the price of stock issued and may restrict some company financing.
• Cash budgeting
• Short-term asset management
• Working capital management
• Dividends and dividend policy
1) Module 3: Financing Investments (Modules are located in LEO – Content – Course Content –click on the title of the Module and Read Commentary)
a. Capital Budget Decision Criteria
b. Cash flow and Risk in Capital Budgeting
c. Working Capital Management
2) Course Text : Boundless Finance Online Text
(A PDF of the Boundless course textbook may also be found in Leo under Content > Syllabus)
• Chapter 15- Dividends
• Chapter 17- Introduction to Working Capital
• Chapter 18, (Sections 1-4)- Working Capital Management
• Participate in the Weekly Discussion
• Problem Set in ‘Homework’ #7 – My Tools/ Quizzes & Exams/ Finc 331 Homework Week 7
• Complete Group Paper
• Discussion
Why would a company decide to pay a dividend to their investors? Conversely, why do some companies choose to pay no dividend?
Search the web to find one company that pays a dividend and one that does not. How are they different?



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