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Thoroughly explain each of the following:

1. When planning an active shooter situation, what factors possibly help the suspect in finding a target/place to conduct the shooting? Is the suspect of usually a male or female? Is the suspect usually affiliated with the organization that’s being attacked or no? (150 Words Minimum)

2. Explain the measures that organizations should have in place to ensure safety and security of the infrastructure and the employees. (150 Words Minimum)

3. What is the best policy/practice to be enacted within an organization, that will help decrease and/or prevent any form of workplace violence? (150 Words Minimum)

4. Thoroughly explain how cultural diversity and/or drugs and alcohol, play a role in workplace violence within an organization?(150 Words Minimum)

5. Like the career of law enforcement, corrections, etc., within various other professional careers, there is a duty to keep people safe,but the same people may pose a risk to the public.Explain practices that all organizations should use to be prepared for an active shooter situation. (150 Word Minimum)

6. Should there be annual training for all law enforcement officials on active shooting preparedness? Explain the benefits of having an annual training as such. (150 Words Minimum)



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